4 Russet Potatoes (peeled & cubed into small pieces)

1 can of Peas & carrots (or you can boil your own carrots and use sweets peas)

2 large boiled eggs (peeled)

2 sprigs of green onions

1 stalk of Chinese celery with leaves

1 shallot

4 tablespoons of mayo

1 tablespoon of mustard

1 tablespoon cayenne pepper

salt and black pepper


Peel, cube and boil your potatoes until fork tender. You can boil your eggs and if you are boiling your own carrots you can boil it together with the potatoes.

Once the potatoes have been boiled, drain and set aside in a large dish to cool. Peel your eggs and chop into small cubes as the potatoes. Add to the bowl with the potatoes

Add the can of peas and carrots to the potatoes.

Finely chop your celery and green onions and grate the shallot with a zester so that it is small and you are not biting into a big piece of shallot. Add to the bowl.

To the potatoes add cayenne pepper, salt and black pepper. Go easy on the salt as the mayo will add salt as well.

In a small separate bowl add 4 tablespoons of mayo and 1tablespoon Dijon mustard. Mix together and pour into the bowl with the rest of the ingredients. GENTLY mix everything together.

If your potatoes are still looking dry you can add more Mayo OR a tablespoon of miracle whip.

Taste for salt and pepper. Adjust seasoning if necessary. Cover tightly and place in the fridge to chill at least 30 minute before serving.

It is important to chill it first as it will help all the favors to come together.






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One thought on “Potato Salad

  1. Henry

    Potato or Elbow Macaroni Salad best i can think back and remember its made relatively the same way in St.Kitts too. Even though some islands make some things differently or use spice differently, there are a great many things that are just Caribbean regional in how its all made and Potato Salad is just one of them. I’m seeing some peppers there in pic 5 thats not in the recipe, i’ll guess thats optional depending on ones preference. That Turkey does look good.

    On another note like to request a recipe at some point if you can do. A Rabbit dish!


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