Did you know that you can make a soup out of anything? I mean literally anything!

Zuppa Tuscano has to be one of the most talked about soups at Olive Garden, probably mainly because it comes with the free breadsticks and unlimited salad?

Give me a good Trini soup any day and I am a happy camper. But honestly you can’t eat a Trini soup everyday. All those carbs from the ground provision! A Trini soup is a heavy full me up meal. While Zuppa Tuscano can be considered a prelude to better things, like soft, warm bread sticks!

Zuppa Tuscano is probably one of those easy recipes that is quick, yet satisfying on the tummy on a cold winters day. You can make this soup with basically 4 ingredients, some sausage, potato, kale and a bit of cream. On a budget? This is the meal for you.

Word of advice, don’t do what I did as you can tell by the picture. When you add the cream, turn off the stove. I walked away and my milk separated, which is not attractive. It was still obviously delicious. I made biscuits to dunk into my soup but if you have breadsticks you are in business then!

What is the difference between olive gardens soup and mine? I added white sweet potato and a bit of flavoring peppers, because I like some flavor and the sweet potato just takes it to a whole other level. These are of course not required. Make it your own.

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Click here for Zuppa Tuscano recipe.


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