Growing up in Trinidad, my grandmother had at any given time about 14 mouths to feed. I am not kidding you! She had 11 boys and girls, plus my sister, brother and myself and any of her children that was already married and would pop in to eat from time to time. She would come up with the weirdest food to eat. Actually we grew our own rice. What you call wild rice here, my grandparents grew back home and… Read more »

How are your guessing skills? Have you put it to use in March Madness and filled out a bracket or two? While I have never watched college basketball and I still have no interest in it I most certainly did put my guessing skills to use! I filled out not one but two brackets in two different groups! How about them basketballs! I guessed my way through the entire thing! I am doing it just because I wanted to follow everyone… Read more »

This had to have been the first time in at least 16 years that Halloween night was bearable weather wise here in MN. It was a wee bit misty, but heck it was warm enough for the kids to walk around outside. In fact forget the kids, it was warm enough for me to take the kids out without freezing my butt off! In keeping with my coconut recipes, this Coconut Bake is a family favorite. It is actually a Caribbean favorite…. Read more »

Ah Friday, my good Pal and long time friend, How I love you! I am utterly excited you are finally here and this recipe today is to celebrate your long awaited arrival. I have an abundance of eggplants growing in my garden this summer, together with a thousand tomatoes all ripening at the same time! I love eggplants. I usually plant a dozen or so trees in my garden because I can roast them all and freeze it for winter…. Read more »

If you follow my blog and my recipes, then you know there are very little desserts on here. I am simply not a sweet tooth person. But I do have a weak spot for carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting…so delicious. Or better yet red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting! Oh my goodness… I have very little skills when it comes to baking, I am not gonna lie, I hate measuring! Measuring and I are no friends. Average… Read more »