If anyone has been to Trinidad especially around carnival time, then you would have eaten this Pelau, in addition to doubles, callaloo and crab or crab and dumplings. Callaloo and crab is considered the national dish of Trinidad, but a Trini Pelau is considered the national dish of a Trini lime! I have made this dish before on the blog and it was actually the first video I did for my Youtube Channel. Of course back then I was a… Read more »

Going back to the old time days, the old times ways! This recipe certainly took me down memory lane. I am not sure there are many people who even make Red Mango any more. Its proper name is Red Mango, even though it is made from multiple mangoes. When I was in primary school, our school was completely fenced around, with the exception of this one spot at the back of the school where there was a hole big enough… Read more »

Who does not like a good dessert? I think most everyone at some point fall into that sweet tooth phase! Myself included even though I like to think I don’t have a sweet tooth. This dessert is usually made during a Hindu prayer or wedding. It is packaged with other sweets and given out to folks. The smell of it while frying alone makes me think of home and doing pooja! I love how simple and easy it is to… Read more »

I am sure you have noticed that I have not been blogging or updating my site as often as I used too. The last few weeks has just been crazy. And when I say crazy I mean that in its true sense of the word! There are people in this world that will do anything to bring you down to their level of insanity! I can tell you some stories! But you will have to wait until my book is… Read more »

Growing up on an Island we were exposed to so many fruits and vegetables. My grandparents had every fruit tree that you can think about growing within footsteps from our home. We had like 8 different varieties of mangos, we had plums, oranges, grapefruits, sapodillas, pineapples, coconuts, cocoa and loads of other fruits. I am always amazed when I am speaking to friends over here of how many people do not know the difference between a dried coconut and a… Read more »