Is everyone watching the Soccer World Cup? Its kind of hard to watch it when it starts at 4 am here, but I trying to catch the highlights after work. I don’t have a favorite team per se. I am hoping one of the under dog teams come out on top. Someone said lets do a bet that every time the players fall down injured we needed to do squats. I kept thinking omg I will be doing squats till… Read more »

Hello, hello, hello… This past weekend I baby sat my little cousin who is 22 months old. I had him from Friday to Sunday evening. I loved every minute of it, besides the part where he likes to sleep on my side of the bed. I love kids at that age. They are now learning to say their words and they ask what everything is a million times over and over again. My cousin loves to watch Elmo and let… Read more »

  Have you ever noticed, during each glorious season there is a new set of outside work that has to be done? Its like a never ending cycle of yard work! In the summer time you have to mow the lawn like a zillion times! In the fall you have the never ending falling of leaves everywhere! In the Winter, guess what? You have to shovel, unless you are smart and live in a warm climate. In the Spring you have… Read more »