Every now and again I surprise myself with some dish or the other. Like remember when I was on that kick of eating fish for a whole month? I thought it was the best fish ever. Well I am seriously fished out as I made that same fish again today and you know what? It just did not taste like out of this world like I though it did. Granted I used seasoning that was in the fridge and not… Read more »

After that amazing Asado Paraguay I did last week, I needed a change. While that Asado was meat-ah-licious…my tummy badly needed a change from all that meat. I wanted something light, quick, fresh and I needed to have the ingredients in my fridge! This broccoli salad was on point! I know not everyone like broccoli, including myself. I won’t eat it in chinese food, even though every time I go to the Skyway chinese restaurant at work, that old lady… Read more »

As Miss Tortoise’s saying goes…When Mr. Pouty Pants gives you Silence you make Chicken Milanese! Miss Tortoise here again with another fascinating story about her very own Mr. Pouty Pants. The story I believe is Mr. Pouty Pants and Miss Tortoise were playing a game of Words! Yes Words, you have to build words out of these little block of letters. Mr. Pouty Pants only likes to play with Miss Tortoise when he wants to, not when she wants to. But Miss… Read more »

Every year I go through the same thing. I go to the a HUGE plant sale every Mother’s Day weekend at the MN State Fair Ground. It is hosted by Friends School as a find raiser. It huge and you have to get there early to get it. I plan what I ma going to buy and how many of it, yet I get there and all my plans go right out the window. I always promise myself I will… Read more »

With Summer slowly meandering into MN at its own pace, folks are breaking out their BBQ grills and throwing meats, vegetables and more importantly CORN on their grill! Everyone loves corn, whether it is roasted, boiled, baked in coconut milk, in a casserole or straight from a can! My family has to have roast corn at every event we have. Traditionally in Trinidad, my grandmother used to just throw it in the fireside. A fireside is just an outside cooking… Read more »