I know you are wondering what the heck is an Asado? An Asado is one heck of a big BBQ! In Argentina and Paraguay and a few other South American countries, a big BBQ is called an Asado. In fact today is Paraguay’s Independence day and it is guaranteed that there will be an Asado or two. To these countries an Asado is considered an event. Its not just a BBQ to them. While the meats are not seasoned the… Read more »

Have you ever had a ‘Sugar Kubes’? No?…I have…its sweet, tender, yummy, bite-able totally irresistible, easy on the eyes and makes you just want to keep going back for more and more, like you just cannot get enough of it. Kind of like this Smoked Country Style Pork Ribs! I made my own home made rub that I marinated it in for an hour and then popped it in my little smoker box, smoked it for 4 hours then started basting… Read more »