Growing up I did not eat beef or pork, in fact I did not start eating beef or pork until I was well into my 20’s! It was against our religion, and it still is! My parents and my younger brother still do not eat either. What I ate back then I hated with a vengeance! My grandparents grew their own rice in a lagoon, and harvested it once a year.  It was kept in the huge wooden box beneath… Read more »

Now that we have Super bowl 500 behind us and the Eagles flew above the patriots we can get back to normal around here. I am pleased to say the day before the Super bowl we had a nice 3 inches of fluffy white snow and the day of super bowl, we were in the minus temps. So our visitors had a great taste of our Minnesota Winter. Today I am sharing one of the most popular dishes on my… Read more »

Ah Friday, my good Pal and long time friend, How I love you! I am utterly excited you are finally here and this recipe today is to celebrate your long awaited arrival. I have an abundance of eggplants growing in my garden this summer, together with a thousand tomatoes all ripening at the same time! I love eggplants. I usually plant a dozen or so trees in my garden because I can roast them all and freeze it for winter…. Read more »

This recipe takes me back to about 2 years ago when I visited Barbados and St Lucia with a group of friends. I so miss the sun, the sand and the amazing beach! We would wake up in the morning, take a walk down the beach, bathe and then on the way back, we would stop at this little rum shop, which is basically a little wooden structure, that sells liquor and beer by the pint, nips or bottles. I… Read more »

Fall is definitely here! I already have leaves falling from my trees. I dread fall because of all the leaves. I dread having to put on the light jackets in the mornings to come to work…because pretty soon, before I know it I am wearing winter coats and boots! I always try to gauge the first time each year when I actually switch from light jackets to winter coats. Then I wait 6 months to switch back. Anyway no wore… Read more »