Anyone here watches Naked and Afraid? I have been watching this Discovery show since it  first started. I mainly like to see what the naked people catch and cook to eat. A lot of times they just go hungry. What a fantastic way to lose weight right? While watching it I always think to myself, I am not sure I would make it past the first day! I mean in my normal day to day life, if I don’t get my breakfast… Read more »

There is this Ethnic restaurant/grocery down the street from me and I usually pick up these pre-made kebabs, that comes frozen and I just pop it in my oven and in 12 minutes I have delicious kebabs. The story of my life, whenever I find something that I like, it always goes away, and just like that poof…they no longer stocked those kebabs that I so loved. They did a different brand instead which I tried, but it was not… Read more »

Growing up in Trinidad, we ate roti in the morning and at night! Roti is like a staple for the East Indians in Trinidad. Whether you fried it, bake it or cooked it on the stove top or even in the fire pit! It was still roti! Roti is used to sop up any curries or side dishes that you made. Since I work all day and by the time I get home from work its already late and just… Read more »