If anyone has been to Trinidad especially around carnival time, then you would have eaten this Pelau, in addition to doubles, callaloo and crab or crab and dumplings. Callaloo and crab is considered the national dish of Trinidad, but a Trini Pelau is considered the national dish of a Trini lime! I have made this dish before on the blog and it was actually the first video I did for my Youtube Channel. Of course back then I was a… Read more »

How I love rainy days in Minnesota! I would take a rainy day any day over snow! I love the sound of the rain falling outside so I can just cuddle up and sleep! I miss that about our tin roofs in the islands. Here unless you open the windows you don’t hear a peep! Prince has died…the whole world knows that. Game of Thrones season six is now back on for 3 months and then we will patiently wait… Read more »

Fall is definitely here! I already have leaves falling from my trees. I dread fall because of all the leaves. I dread having to put on the light jackets in the mornings to come to work…because pretty soon, before I know it I am wearing winter coats and boots! I always try to gauge the first time each year when I actually switch from light jackets to winter coats. Then I wait 6 months to switch back. Anyway no wore… Read more »