I never knew about the connection between Spain and Oxtails or more specifically bulls tail. In fact I did not know about a lot of the history of different foods and recipes until I started blogging for 196flavors. Over at 196 flavors they believe in authenticity and showcasing where a recipe came from. If you have not seen some of the articles I have written for them you should definitely check it out. While some of them are hard to… Read more »

I have never eaten Oxtails, not that I can recall it. Growing up in Trinidad, my family did not eat Pork or Beef. And we only ate goat around Christmas time. I only started to eat Pork when I came to MN. I would like to say its the cold, winter weather that converted me, but sadly it is not. I love a good steak! And I love, ribs, Ham on Christmas morning, pig tails in my cook up rice,… Read more »