I am not complaining, but it has been blistering hot and humid here in MN. The wind will not blow! And with my dark coloring, I end up just looking burnt and charred! For some reason the sun is attracted to my forehead. Not attractive at all. I sent the monster and her friend that was having a sleepover, outside to water the plants as they looked very thirsty, the plants, not the monster, I looked out the window, and… Read more »

Who else finds it time consuming and expensive to meal prep? I mean we all want that nice trim hips and firm tummies and you know it is better for you if you meal prep because then you will always have food ready to eat when you are hungry and by having food already prepped, it will eliminate the need to grab junk food. As someone who loves to cook, trust me it gets hard sometimes to give up two… Read more »

I am once again part of a new team challenge at my boot camp, no surprise there! Part of the challenge this time around is food prepping weekly. Food prepping is a major challenge for me as I like to eat my food freshly cooked. And lets admit it, food prepping a week in advance is a lot of work. I mean you have to have a whole day just to prep everything, your house gets very hot from the… Read more »