Well now that my 9 week challenge at the gym is over I can now get back to the business of cooking and eating again! Lost 14 pounds in 9 weeks! A lot of fasting went into losing those 14 pounds. Don’t worry my tummy still proceeds me into any room I enter (eye-roll)!!! URG…when does that ever go away! Its so hard being a food lover and eating healthy. I had to limit myself to posting as when I… Read more »

There is this Ethnic restaurant/grocery down the street from me and I usually pick up these pre-made kebabs, that comes frozen and I just pop it in my oven and in 12 minutes I have delicious kebabs. The story of my life, whenever I find something that I like, it always goes away, and just like that poof…they no longer stocked those kebabs that I so loved. They did a different brand instead which I tried, but it was not… Read more »

How did you survive on your valentines day? Okay how many of your think this is just a hallmark holiday? To me it is NOT a hallmark holiday! I truly believe it is the perfect excuse to run out and shop for that sexy outfit or to re-light that fire and go out on a date night with your other half! Because we all know every other night there will always be the excuse of it being a weeknight, the… Read more »