Did everyone see that cute video of the Raccoon climbing a skyscraper? He climbed to the top of a building, took a nap and then climbed some more to the roof, where he was finally caught unharmed and safe. Unlike that raccoon who seemed to have a lot of zeal and energy, there are some days when I get home from work that I do want a good, home cooked, healthy meal. Not asking for too much right? However, I… Read more »

Growing up in Trinidad, I distinctly remember my mom and grandmother ‘rubbing’ me down with coconut oil! Coconut oil make that hair shine and the skin glisten I kid you not! The running joke in school was having your hair smell like coconut oil! When My Monster was a baby, I used to be able to do it with her, and stretch her little legs out and her little arms, but as soon as she was a little older to… Read more »

A great night was had by all. The company was wonderful as usual, the food was delicious, with our tummies full we settled in for the Finale of The Bachelor! I have not followed this reality TV show at all throughout the season, so my opinion here is solely based on The Finale. Let me start off by saying I think putting 24 men or women in a setting vying for the attention of 1 male or female is like… Read more »