From one extreme to the other. From Oxtails in Spain to Cookies and Cream Cake in cold, rainy Minnesota! That is how I roll. Who else watches these cooking videos on youtube or facebook and say to yourself, I could make that! Look, the people who make those videos make it look incredibly easy! Until you have to do it yourself and you find sticky milk all over the kitchen or your hair for days! I can spend hours on… Read more »

One of my fondest memories growing up in Trinidad was a drink called Peanut Punch. Now back then it was expensive to buy it in the store. Of course we Trini’s are very versatile, we can make anything we can’t buy! On a Sunday, for lunch this was our drink! It was like getting a treat. Where I am now, they don’t even know about using peanut butter to make it into a drink. Its creamy, milky yumminess! Nothing can… Read more »