Can you believe its already 2018! I rang in my New year with a bang! Like major partying. I made dinner (one of which was those rolls) and played some Yahtzee and totally kicked someone’s butt and he got so jealous because he thought he was the king of Yahtzee, especially since it was my first time playing ever! Then I patiently waited for 2018 and promptly went to bed! I told yah…I celebrated in full force. It was way… Read more »

The last 6 months has been a rollercoaster of a ride for me! One Sugar Kubes adventure after another. A little up and down, while learning how to adjust to that newness, and of course every new adventure will have obstacles thrown in there, its how we deal with those obstacles. All in all it has been a fantastic 6 months that has been simply amazing for me. I am looking forward to the see what the future holds…but in the… Read more »