The first thing I do each morning when I wake up is turn on the news, while I convince myself that working is important and that the only way I can live the life of luxury (not really) is if I drag myself out of bed every day and put on my big girl clothes and speed to work. Last Friday, flashing across my TV screen I distinctly saw breaking news. I can’t see worth a darn without my glasses,… Read more »

Hi there! Welcome back, if this is your first time stopping by, then hold on to your seat cause you are in for a treat. I have been testing and tweaking this BBQ Chicken recipe for a while now. My goal was to make it as easy and simple as possible with ingredients that I had in my fridge. I did not want it to get too out of control. I also wanted to make it in my oven, since… Read more »

Another holiday gone by…we are already counting down the days to winter. LOL Just think the next holiday is 4th of July and before you know it, we will be pulling out the winter jackets again! But before we start with the winter cries…how was your memorial weekend? I spent mine on beautiful Lake Carlos. It did rain and we saw no sun for 2 days, but it was great nonetheless to just be away from home. On top of… Read more »

Nothing beats Fresh Seafood. I have heard many people say they don’t like fish or seafood because of the fishy taste. First off Seafood is not supposed to have a fishy taste. It is supposed to be fresh and you are only supposed to taste the yummy inside flesh that is tender and succulent. If you go to the fish market, and your fish has a smell to it, its been there a while. If you touch it with your fingers and… Read more »

I must say it takes me twice as long to actually eat anything I cook since I first started this blog. And most times by the time I do sit down to eat, I am either full from tasting or my food is already cold. Ah the life of a food blogger! Between taking step by step pictures, cleaning up after, using 5 different dishes just to get one great picture, it is tiring! I love taking step by step pictures… Read more »