I first tried this classic Spanish dish while I was travelling for work in Vegas. Yes those were the good days when we were allowed to travel for work. Now everything has a budget, including my wardrobe! I cannot recall the name of the restaurant, other than it was in one of those big name hotels on the strip. They brought this amazing dish to my table still in the Paella pan, and served it table side. The presentation was… Read more »

Whose bracket is also busted? Obviously mine is history. But I am still beating a particular bragger who thought he was going to get a free dinner from BWW! I get so excited at the beginning of the games, I start checking my bracket religiously throughout the day, then I get overly verbal at the TV like the teams can hear me! I know some of you do that too. Don’t pretend like I am the only crazy one. I… Read more »

When I worked at my first job, 14 years ago, we would order food from a little Chinese restaurant at night. One of us would have to leave to go pick it up as it was too far from work to deliver. We all got the exact same order each Friday night. I kid you not! In fact I had a manger that would always order the hot and sour soup, he could not handle spicy. As a little fun,… Read more »