It is winter here in MN so that means all the grills have been tucked away and we will be hibernating until May of 2019. Goodbye sunshine and warmth. Bring on cold the faces, ears and icicles for feet! For some people winter means skiing,building snowmen and ice fishing. Not me. No way are you getting this sweet summer child to go out on the ice to fish! The fish I get at whole foods is just as good for me! But… Read more »

Today I am sharing with you my 5 time winning Chili Recipe! Yes 5 times in a row I have won the Chili competition at work. There are some extremely secretive ingredients in this recipe that I trust you will not divulge to anyone! The secret is…are you ready? Okay here goes….its coconut milk! Yes I said Coconut milk in Chili. The coconut milk adds the creaminess and the sweetness to the chili that tapers off the spiciness. The other… Read more »

You got it! Its a two part mini-series featuring Pork Spare Ribs! I love this cut of pork because it never dries out. I am famous for over cooking my pork chops. I don’t like pork chops simply because its just too much meat! I know, I know you are all saying huh, too much meat? Is she daft? Look I am West Indian! I like bone and fat on my meat. It gives it lots of flavor and keeps… Read more »