So I usually try to not write about politics or about personal issues on my blog. Trying to keep it PG and not about life’s issues…other than the raking of the leaves issue of course. But I am rather curious to hear other people’s view on this. I recently had an issue where someone kept asking me out at work via email. So I would get an email every day asking me out to lunch. This went on for a few… Read more »

I have never eaten Oxtails, not that I can recall it. Growing up in Trinidad, my family did not eat Pork or Beef. And we only ate goat around Christmas time. I only started to eat Pork when I came to MN. I would like to say its the cold, winter weather that converted me, but sadly it is not. I love a good steak! And I love, ribs, Ham on Christmas morning, pig tails in my cook up rice,… Read more »