After that amazing Asado Paraguay I did last week, I needed a change. While that Asado was meat-ah-licious…my tummy badly needed a change from all that meat. I wanted something light, quick, fresh and I needed to have the ingredients in my fridge! This broccoli salad was on point! I know not everyone like broccoli, including myself. I won’t eat it in chinese food, even though every time I go to the Skyway chinese restaurant at work, that old lady… Read more »

Growing up in Trinidad, my grandmother had at any given time about 14 mouths to feed. I am not kidding you! She had 11 boys and girls, plus my sister, brother and myself and any of her children that was already married and would pop in to eat from time to time. She would come up with the weirdest food to eat. Actually we grew our own rice. What you call wild rice here, my grandparents grew back home and… Read more »

It is so cold in Minneapolis! You would think it is fall already. I just need at least 1 more month of Summer. Just like I want a job where I am no longer on call, I want to live where there is no winter. I am okay with Spring, Summer and Fall! Although in my next post you will certainly hear my rant about raking all those darn leaves in my yard! Now rain…I would love if it would rain… Read more »

Why is it that people with young kids only talk about kids? Its exactly like the annoying friend that has a new boy friend and that’s all she will talk about for the next 2 months! Its painful to the other people around let me tell you! I have had both instances and it drives me insane! Its like you forget how to carry on a conversation without bringing up the new addition! And yes that is a pet peeve… Read more »

Update on how my 12 week boot camp challenge is coming along…every single part of my body hurts! My back and my knees cry daily. Me knees see the stairs coming and starts screaming, I kid you not! There is 5 weeks left of the challenge. I am not sure how much longer my body will allow me to go. It definitely reminds me that I am not 27 anymore! There are some really ‘young’ no tummy fat on their… Read more »