Can you believe its already 2018! I rang in my New year with a bang! Like major partying. I made dinner (one of which was those rolls) and played some Yahtzee and totally kicked someone’s butt and he got so jealous because he thought he was the king of Yahtzee, especially since it was my first time playing ever! Then I patiently waited for 2018 and promptly went to bed! I told yah…I celebrated in full force. It was way… Read more »

I took a wee bit of a break from MN cold winter and headed to Phoenix for a few days. Had the pleasure of staying in one of those older folks resorts…laid in the sun by the pool, drove a ka-chillion hours to the Grand Canyon and played some bean bags! All in all it was a fun trip, word of wise, if you are going to the Grand Canyon, check the weather before hand and dress appropriately! While it was… Read more »

Ahhhh its finally the day of voting! Everyone and their mama, has to flood your facebook by letting the world know they voted! Is anything kept private anymore? I mean its your damn duty to go vote for someone you think will be able to lead for the next fours years. That does not mean you have to post every freaking minute of your voting process on facebook. Just wear the darn sticker on your forehead and walk around already!… Read more »

Not to be confused with we built a zoo! But I think I walked the entire zoo this past weekend with a power walker! I mean if you are going to the zoo, should we not stroll through and enjoy it, instead of speed walking through like we are on a mission? Don’t you just hate it when you go walking anywhere with them short legged people who like to take big steps and have you running beside them the… Read more »