1 whole dry/brown coconut

2 cups water


The first step to extracting fresh coconut milk is making sure your have a good fresh coconut.

A dried coconut is what is used to extract the milk. Remember coconut milk and coconut water is two completely different things.

Coconut water is from the green coconuts, whereas the coconut milk is from the dried or brown coconuts.

Now to get a really good coconut, before your purchase it, if you look at the top of the coconut there are three eyes, these should not be moldy. If it is moldy that means it is past its time and inside will be oily. You do not want that.

If you buy coconuts at the grocery, around the outside of these will be a line going around the middle. You are going to use the back of a heavy knife the split it open.

Place a dish towel in your hands, set the coconut on it and then just start pounding the shell of the coconut on that line around and around until it opens.

There will be water in the coconut, you can save it or discard it.

Smell the inside of the coconut, there should not be any smell at all. if it smells rancid, then its not good. Make sure you have a firm, nice white flesh on the inside.

Most folks wont have a coconut mill. So to get the flesh out, using the tip of a pointy knife, dig the flesh out from the hard shell.

Place the flesh in a blender with two cups of water and puree. Puree until the coconut is really fine.

Drain the milk over a bowl, using a fine mesh strainer. Squeeze out all the milk from the pulp.

Once the pulp is dry and all the milk has been extracted from it, discard it.

The milk you just extracted is your fresh coconut milk. 100 times better than canned which is processed.

In a later post I will show you how to make your own coconut oil!




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