4 thinly sliced Swiss cheese (you can use more cheese if you like)

4 slices of Mojo Marinated Pork

4 slices of salami

1 jalapeno thinly sliced into rings

1 tablespoon margarine butter

1 tablespoon yellow mustard

1 small sized white baguette cut down the middle.


Plug in your panini press to start heating.

In a skillet on the stove top heat your Pork slices to a slightly brown, crispy texture.

Butter the insides of the baguette. Place the buttered baguette, buttered sides down in the Panini press. Once the insides has slightly toasted remove from the Panini.

First layer the cheese slices, then two slices of the cheese, then the jalapenos slices, then Mojo Marinated Pork slices and top it off with the rest of the cheese.

On the top half of the baguette, spread the yellow mustard. Place it on top of the other half of the baguette.

Butter both the top and the bottom of the outside of the baguette.

Place on the Panini Press and hold until the cheese has melted and the baguette Is nice and crispy and fully toasted.

Slice in half and enjoy!








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