Well it was certainly a busy weekend to say the least! I cooked up a storm for sure. And of course I had very little time to take pictures of my feast. I did manage to get two recipes in which I will post later this week. Or who knows maybe I will be productive and do it tonight!

The Back Yard BBQ/Pig roast was a hit. The food was great, the friends was great, the weather was awesome what more can I ask for. Well I did want my two cricket teams or at least one of them to win…But ah heck sometimes the umpire goes the other way. I am happy I did miss that game though or else I would have been so upset over poor umpiring, which seems to be the rage these days. But again…the evening was fantastic, I got to catch up with great friends and I have come to realize that some people are just not worth my time anymore. You know you meet someone and you think you know who they are and then they turn out to be completely different after of couse showing you a fake front of who they are. You live and you learn though…

Here are some pictures of how my 100 lb pig went. She was great! And yes it was a girl!



I am busy planning my summer backyard party. This year I am venturing out and doing a 100 pound pig! Call me crazy. Now I have done piglets in my spit in the backyard but that is no more than 20-25 pounds…and it was just enough to feed my family.

Now trying to do such a big pig is surely going to be a big challenge…and of course I have to plan a menu around Miss Piggy. This whole pig adventure started around our Labor Day weekend planning for our upcoming Cricket Tournament. We wanted to do something different this year, something that will have the mouths of the cricketers watering, something that will intrigue them and have them coming back for more…and walla…an idea was formed to roast Miss Piggy on a spit. I shall be sure to take lots of pictures and update you how that goes.

This is the Piglet I have done before in my backyard.


For now though how about a healthy Couscous Salad that is packed with yummy roasted vegetables!



TGIF…I bet you all are breathing a sigh of relief that it is finally FRIDAY! YAY…well now that I am now getting around to posting this Friday is actually almost gone! But I do love me some Saturdays too. Tomorrow is our Caribbean Festival here in MN. And of course since we have to be outside on the river, no less all day…the weather will be 70. Now for most normal people that is gorgeous weather right…Everyone should be out in their shorts and their ity bity tank tops, trying to catch a tan. Not us…we West Indian people will be bundled up for sure. Cause 70 degrees is cold shooot. I shall be sure to take some pictures of it. It is always a fun time. It is our Mini Carnival, so there are costumes and good food!

Now onto my recipe…today I shall be featuring Buttermilk Fried Chicken. I am always looking at these Food network cooking shows and their Buttermilk fried chicken that they show are always mouth watering so I figured what the heck….I can give this a shot. Of course I did not follow a specifis recipe. I never do, I always add my very own twist to what I am cooking. Hope you like it.


 Whew…I am finally online again! After ages. I hope you like my new page layout and that you find it way easier than the last one. I most certainly like this better and it is easier for me to post to.

Its finally Summer here in good old Minnesota, for a while there I thought Father Summer had forgotten all about us. Of course now that it is here…we are complaining that it is too hot.

I know you have already seen my Taco recipe, but since I am still in my testing mode of this new design I am going to feature this recipe again.