As my title to this post goes….a bone to pick, I do not know why it is I am always suprised at the way some men treat women. I know it is a dicey tpoic to say the least. Who know I may just be opening a can or worms that I will not be able to swallow! OYE

But here goes…While at my weekend cricket game we had the displeasure of playing another team who never brings their women out to spectate any of the games. And by women I mean, their wives, their girl friends, their sisters, mothers…any female in their life really.

Now my club thrives on being family oriented, in that we are packed with women and children all of which comes out to watch and enjoy the games. It is really a shame, that because of teams like the one we played today has no respect for women or children. It simply goes to show how they treat the people in their lives outside of cricket! There cannot be another explanation. I would like to not say culture has a big part to play in it, as I came from a strict family with a firm up-bringing, however, we were never taught to disrespect women, our elders, the kids around you…these men on the other hand had to have been taught to swear in front of kids and call women names…I cannot possibly think how they can just look at us all sitting there and be calling women B**** words!

Okay I am putting that topic to rest, on to my recipe that I made this weekend to take to this very game for my boys. It helped in giving them a swift kick of energy and a nice sugar rush!

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread, with a freshly harvested zucchini from my very own garden.


It was a great day! Not only did we have awesome weather, but our day out was just beautiful. If you have the pleasure of living in MN and have visited the little tourist town of Stillwater then you will know what a beautiful little place it is with its antique shops, the spice shops, the Oilrie which is known for its balsamic vinegars and its yummy olive oils. It also has a lift bridge which I actually got to see as it was lifting today so that the larger boats can pass under it.

My lady friends and I do this Stillwater trip every year, starting with breakfast in the morning and shopping and window watching and people watching all day ending it with dinner. This year we decided to do a Foodie on Foot Tour. It was perfect. Great way to eat something that is not on the usual menu at the restaurants we visited.

Our tour started out at the Green Room sampling a flat bread with pork belly, rubbed with African spices and a Jerk coffee rub with a Ginger and a plum sauce…the best all day hands down!

Next we went to Smalley’s where we got to sample Curry Goat with tortillas, although their menu said it was grilled flat bread…it was actually tortilla we got. And of course we got this 4 liquor drink with fruit juice. And my curry goat tasted better with a shot of something.

We then got to visit Candy Land! What a treat if you love caramel popcorn! You walk into their store and you start drooling because it smells so good in there.

We ended our tour at The Reve with champagne and desert. Then the secen ladies in my group started our antique shopping and olive oil tasting…We had dinner at a newly opened restaurant called Mallards on the St Croix. The food was not all that good. I don’t really want to put down the restaurant and the manager was kind enough to cover the cost of our food after hearing that it was not all that good. After all of that I will have to visit the restaurant again at maybe a less busy time just to give it a fair shot.

Pictures of course…


Ahhh another weekend has come and gone…it feels like Summer is just rushing by and hurrying onto Fall. We waited forever for Summer to get here, excited about getting my garden started, the start of a new cricket season, I get to see all my friends that go into hibernation over the Winter. Most of whom are West Indians and have migrated from one island or the other over time. So we all literally hide from the snow and the cold.

Last weekend the two teams in my club played each other, talk about bragging right! I did not know who to root for. I could not root for either team without the other giving me the evil eye. Good rivalry though, lots of eats and drinks and of course towards the end of the night…the dreaded blood suckers!

I made Fried Chicken over the weekend and decided it was worthy of a post. You can judge. I have done Butter Milk Fried Chicken, however I still think doing my fried chicken the way I was taught in Trinidad is the better and yummier way hands down!

I get this moist, juicy, flavorful piece of fried chicken with a beautiful golden color that just makes you drool…all by steaming my chicken before frying it. Steaming it is the trick!IMG_6803-2

I consider myself an avid reader. I love to read the gory stuff though, like the serial killer books or the kidnapping books…and no I am not crazy. Those are just the type of books that peak my interest. I love a good Lisa Gardner, Chelsea Cain, Diane Chamberlain, J.T. Ellison, Elizabeth Flock…and my list goes on and on but those are some of the authors whose books I have read and I have read all of their books. I get excited when I know one of their books are about to be released. I seriously will plan my evening around it! LOL

I make a nice dinner, and do everything early so I can jump in my bed and settle in with my cup of sleepy time tea and my new book. Ah fun times. And yes I do love to go out like normal people do, I just don’t like doing the same thing every weekend, going to the same bars, or clubs and seeing the same people act crazy after having 2 drinks. Sometimes I just want to hang out around the house in my jammies and have some quiet time with a good book. I am currently ready Jodi Picoult – The Storyteller, what a heart breaker it is. If you plan on reading it make sur eyou have the box of klenex on had. What are some of your favorite books? And do you get excited over a new book by one of your authors new releases?

Onto one of my favorite dishes ever! Yes I said ever…I love a good chicken soup. I think hot and spicy chicken soup is the cure to well every ailment you have. Now I am not talking about no watered down, soup with a few scraps of noodles. I am talking about a hearty, loaded chicken soup with lots of starchy vegetables and dumplings and long noodles.

Anytime someone in my family so much as sneezes…I use it as an excuse to make up a pot of soup. Needless to say…they try not to sneeze too often around me or else I will make soup every day! If you have a cold, make the soup spicy so that it loosens up the congestion in the chest. And it makes you sweat out the cold, at least that is what I tell everyone! Ha.

chicken soup


Well it was certainly a busy weekend to say the least! I cooked up a storm for sure. And of course I had very little time to take pictures of my feast. I did manage to get two recipes in which I will post later this week. Or who knows maybe I will be productive and do it tonight!

The Back Yard BBQ/Pig roast was a hit. The food was great, the friends was great, the weather was awesome what more can I ask for. Well I did want my two cricket teams or at least one of them to win…But ah heck sometimes the umpire goes the other way. I am happy I did miss that game though or else I would have been so upset over poor umpiring, which seems to be the rage these days. But again…the evening was fantastic, I got to catch up with great friends and I have come to realize that some people are just not worth my time anymore. You know you meet someone and you think you know who they are and then they turn out to be completely different after of couse showing you a fake front of who they are. You live and you learn though…

Here are some pictures of how my 100 lb pig went. She was great! And yes it was a girl!