It rained all night and into today. I love, love when it rains at night. It is one of my fondest memories of growing up in Trinidad and having a tin roof on our house rather than shingles.

There is no better feeling than hearing the rain falling on the roof , at night, getting goose bumps. Of course with all good things there is always a downside, as if that rain continued to fall throughout the night and into the next morning when it was time for me to take my 2 mile trek to catch a taxi then I was always gaurenteed to get soaked! LOL

And back then there was no phones in my village and the taxis did not come all the way into it either. I kept in shape thats for sure. I know you are saying well why did I not break out my umbrella? Well I just did not have one and back then folks did not give people rides in their cars, especially when I was soaked. Now when I say give people rides, you have to understand when you live on a small island and in a small village everyone knows everyone! No way you can keep a secret from your parents.

If you sneezed too loudly in your home the people 6 houses away knew about it. It is just the way life is on a small island. I must admit I do miss that neighbourly feel I had while growing up. Where I live now, the neighbor across the street passed away and we did not even hear about it until a month later. In Trinidad when someone dies, a mike that is hooked up to the roof of a car goes around the area and announces the death so everyone knows, here, only your family and close friends knows.

Today while it rained outside, I stayed inside and cooked up some good spicy curry goat. It was delicious. Do not let the term goat scare you. It is actually a good meat. When prepared the right way it will not be gamey. Try it out for yourself.



After having to fast (no meat) for the last 2 weeks. I can tell you I have certainly missed my meaty protein! Not only did I miss eating my meat, but my body sure did feel its absence. While at the gym I noticed how tired and sluggish I was feeling. The first thing my trainer asked me is are you getting enough protein in your body? Today was the first day that I was able to dive right back in with my chicken! And boy did it taste good.

I actually comtemplated becoming vegetarian once…yes only once and never again. Not even for a guy. I guess its easy for the folks who grew up without meat. I cannot imagine getting married to someone who does not eat any meat or seafood and they asking me to give that up for them. OYE if you love me you will never ask that of me…please! LOL

I went out with my gal pals over the last weekend and I may have gone a little crazy on my spending budget. I only spent money on beautiful dishes that I just had to have! It was a blast though. It gives us time to catch up on our lives, on other people lives and just kick back and chill. As I get older I realize life is not all about hitting one club after the other. You get tired of seeing the same people over and over again, hearing the same boring music that I never liked in the first place, but I sure did try to do my little two step to it though.

I want more of my life. It is so precious. It can come and go in the blink of an eye. I want to experience different things, eat different food, visit different places. Just think of the great conversations you can have when you meet someone and you have done all these things. You cannot possibly run out of things to talk about right? I can talk about the two weeks I spent not eating meat! LMBO

Okay recipe time. Today I made Red Beans, to go with my rice and stew chicken. It was divine! When you are fasting and not eating meat you have to give your body some other form of protein. Red beans are a great source of protein. With my upcoming trip to Trinidad over our religious holiday, Diwali…I will surely need lots of beans to keep me going as again I won’t be able to eat meat.

Do let me know how you like Red Beans! I enjoy all my readers and fellow food adventureres feedback.


The beginnig of another week…a week closer to Trinidad, closer to Thanksgiving, a week closer to Christmas. Our cricket season is finally at an end. Last weekend was the country tournament and my brother asked me to whip up a rice dish for him for the game. At first I had grand plans to cook this extravagant meal, that of course slowly dwindled as the day went by.

It started with breakfast at a local restaurant, that my niece loves. Although the only thing she ever gets there are the french toast with bacon. She just sits down and says I will have my usual.

The weather in MN has already started to feel brisk in the mornings too. You can definitly tell fall is in the air. And pretty soon you will start hearing me whining about all the leaves, leaves that I have to rake up, put in bags and wait for the trash guy to haul away. OYE I hate all those leaves!

When in a rush or a jam make black eye peas cook up! This is a rice dish that can be vegetarian or with meat. 


I am happy to say that I am back in the swing of things. I am back in the gym…and I kicked butt today with my trainer if I do say so myself. I will be in pain tomorrow I am sure…but pain is just weakness leaving the body…or so my tariner says! Ha, of course he is not the one who will be struggling up those stairs tomorrow though.

I have been busy mastering, creating, testing a few recipes too. I am trying to focus on thanksgiving since that is the next big holiday coming up. And I know that we all love to overdose on green beans, scalloped potatoes, stuffing/dressing and of course the turkey himself.

If I can make the green beans and the scalloped potatoes just a tad bit healthy then that at least would help. I have an aswesome green beans recipe for you guys though. Hands down one of my better ones.

I am excited to say that since relaunching my blog in August I have gotten well over 600 hits. YAY!!! Let me just stop and do a little jig around the bed…yes I am blogging from the comfort of my bed. 

Oh before I send you off to recipe land…I have to show you my bounty from my garden…they are my babies, but I will be eating tomatoes every which way for the rest of the Summer.



It has been a very busy few weeks. Starting the week before Labor Day and going until this past Sunday. Our annual Labor Day Cricket Tournament was a hit as usual, of course to make it a hit, it takes a lot of work and love. You have to love doing this as no sane person will give up their long holiday weekend to clean 500 pounds of chicken, make a hundred trips back and forth from your house to the park all while the roads are still undergoing construction, standing in 90 degree weather cooking over a hot stove! I did say you have to love doing these things.

However, it was a labor of love as we like to think of it. We had the best jerk chicken, thanks to a cool guys Smoker…we had curry chicken, stew chicken, curry lamb, stew goat, fried rice, beans and rice, lots of salads and of course monster cookies! We cooked for about 200 people who we sure hope loved and appreciated the food. We sure did!

After the Labor day weekend I shuttled off to Toronto for a wedding, where I had a blast! Unforgettable weekend, especially eating doubles and roti with curry chicken! Delish. Next stop will be North Carolina and then off to Trinidad…cannot wait.

Okay after all this talking I must at least mention a recipe that I made the Thursday night for dinner for all the folks that came to help with the 500 pounds of chicken…well I should mention that we call that night the Chicken Clean Party! Yes I said party!

Oven roasted Brussel sprouts with baby potatoes and bacon…you cannot go wrong especially with bacon!