Ah thanksgiving is finally over, I am not sure if that is good or bad, as now I have to start planning for Christmas. I have to start over with the whole menu planning, the tablescape, the table seating…I know  a bigger house with a nice big dining room and an even bigger kitchen would make all this so much easier and nicer…just in case Santa is reading this blog…hint hint!

We finally got the whole christmas lights situation figured out and they are up and I am positive our house is the brightest on the block, blinding our neighbors! Picked up our tree yesterday and I will be decorating it hopefully tonight. That is another project by itself. That is me complaining…I love a fresh pine needle christmas tree, however those darn pine needles that fall all over the carpet and sticks you when you leats expect it is the worst!

Thanksgiving this year was wonderful, as usual…great weather! I was able to make my turkey outside in our firepit. This is the first year we did not do a deep fried turkey. So you know my turkey was handsome compared to previous years. By that I mean he was not totally black on the outside.

Traditionally every Thanksgiving and Christmas morning, I make Bahamian Chowder, with fresh lobster meat. This is paired with freshly baked bread and Ham. This is our breakfast and snacking on throughout the day meal, as I usually do dinner on these holidays. This year I am sharing my treasured recipe for my chowder. And the lobster meat I used in this recipe came all the way from the waters of Trinidad/Caribbean. I brought them back from our fishing Trip down there. So you know I knew them when they were alive and kicking or is that clawing!

Do you have a tradition? Come on share it with me. I am still trying to figure out how to make my comment box more noticeable. Have patience with me until then.

Enjoy the Bahamian Chowder…I should rename it to Trini Chowder!



Saturday was in the single digits, today was a little better but the wind OYE! And of course this was the weekend we decide to put up the Christmas lights. We have about a zillion christmas lights, and in classic style each set of lights has a few blown. Now if it was up to me, I would happily buy all new ones, but the Mr. he is  Mr. Fixit guy, so…currently our basement floor has christmas lights strewn all over it. I am staying out of it though…I will stick to the kitchen.

Now back to Thanksgiving…I made my turkey stock and my cranberry sauce this weekend. Just so I can get a head start. And my Turkey is in the fridge thawing to be brined on Tuesday.  I also made Stew fish Trini style! Wow I am all cooked out. Have I whined lately about how cold it is? LMBO. Here are three recipes from this weekend. I hope you enjoy them and I hope you give it a try. Homemade Turkey Stock, Cranberry Sauce and Trinidad Stew Fish.









It is so hard to come back to MN and its cold weather and snow after being home in Trinidad for the past 2 weeks. I came out of the airport to a blast of cold MN, winter air…brrrr.

I have been asked countless times will I go back to Trindad to live and my answer is always no. Never! It took me 20 years to get out of there…no way am I going back there to live. I truly believe I live in the land of oppertunities with its cold weather, its 3 months of Summer and its snow! I will gladly take it all rather than going back to Trindad to live.

Why you ask will I give up the lazy island life with its 30 something holidays, its steaming hot weather, the food, the beautiful music, the beaches. Well there are pros and cons to living on an island. The pros, obvioulsy the sun, the food, the relaxed living, the holidays, the close neighborhood living, the close proximity to the beaches, the party life just to name a few.

The cons, in order to have a good lifestyle there, I am sorry to say this but you better dang well have a good income! And to get that good income it does not matter how much education you have, its who you know and how can they get you in. The roads are terrible for driving, everything is far away, its like a day trip just to go to the mall or to the town, the uncleanliness of the streets and beaches, the mean, arrogant attitude of the people who work in the restaurants or public buildings there is unbelievable…the crime. And this is to name a few as well.

So yes there are pros and cons to living on an island. Its which one you are willing to tolerate the most. I do love going back for vacation mainly because I still have friends and family that I do enjoy visiting with. But I can only handle a few weeks at most. I will always love my Country as that will be home forever. No where else can I go and get my roast pork, my fish broth, my cookup rice with pigtail, my street side BBQ, and most importantly my doubles and my Bake and Shark! So I will always have to return home for these.

Here is a closeup of my Bake and Shark from Maracas Bay…delish! I will be back in full swing this weekend with a new recipe, in the mean time enjoy drooling over this!


I was the cat’s meow tonight! LMBO I know…what? Well it is halloween! I was cat woman…wait, I was a sexy cat woman if I do say so myself! Ha!

It was a house party…but the costumes I saw tonight was awesome! There was an evil Dorothy who looked totally awesome. And there was Elton John, and of course the prisoner with her hand cuffs…

It was a fun night I must say…the things you learn! WOW.

I made a desert to take to the party and one of my recipes that I already have on my site. This was my first attempt of making a desert, it was a hit! It was a Cheesecake filled Strawberry. And the other recipe was my Yuca/Cassava Patties.










I bet you are wondering about the heading of my post. Well this past weekend I had dinner and drinks with my gal pals. After dinner we retired to my friends home so that we can work on their profiles as two of them are going online!

Now what I have learn’t is that it is really hard to write about yourself. I know most people say it is easy to talk or write about yourself because who knows you better than you! That is until you have to write a profile let me tell you.

Personally I am not an online dating person, I am old fashioned and do believe in eye contact, that first glimpse of the person across the room, the nervous glances to see if he is still looking at you, yeah that is all me. However the name of the game in this day and age is online dating! It has worked for thousands. So my girls decided it was time to set aside the maintainance man and start looking for the real deal, True love!

So what exactly do you say in these profiles? Do you stick to the generic stuff, like you like movies, you like hiking, exercising, you are honest, confident? And the big question…what type of guy are you looking for? What a loaded question! Drop dead sexy of course! Cause you do not want to roll over one morning and wake up next to some guy who has horns growing out of his head right! LMBO

Ahhhh online dating…it is work. You have to really know how to write and weave a story that will capture your perfect guy. Goodluck to my ladies!

Today I made Coconut Curried Shrimp as I was going to a dinner party and had to take a dish. It was very easy and quick. You have to try it!

And before I go…I am super close to 1000 hits to my food blog. I shall be giving away a prize once I hit the mark all you have to do is leave me a comment and you will be automatically entered.