Eating healthy is tough! I don’t care who says what, but it is a pain in the toushy! I beg you to tell me otherwise!

You all know I started my low carb / healthy eating as of January 6th this year. Well I have kept with my good eating habits for two weeks. I was a good girl…so good that I did not even eat any of my brother’s birthday cake on Saturday that I paid a small fortune for and let me tell you, that cake looked delicious! It smellth divine! That cake called my name so many times it was crazy. But like I said I was a good girl. Now here comes the stickler…I weighted myself yesterday and I have only lost 1 pound! Two weeks of no carbs and I lost only 1 pound! OMG…

Okay that was my rant…I am going to stick with the healthy eating for a few more weeks as I keep saying nothing happens overnight or in my case over two weeks. Patience…patience…

So what have I learned about eating healthy in the last two weeks…instead of potatoes I used celery root, which I will admit is a great substitution. Always plan your meals ahead. With low carbing you have to prepare, prepare, prepare. I eat a lot of seafood. For breakfasts, which you should never skip, I made fritata with no crust. And I ate that all week with avacados. I still went out for breakfasts on the weekends, I still had my eggs benedict, I simply left out the hashbrowns and muffins and replaced it with avacados. I did not miss the bread or the hashbrowns. But that is me everyone is different. If you just cannot do without it…simply cut it in half.

After working out each day I had a protein shake which curbed my appitite until my next meal. I am a salad freak…I love a fresh salad with anything that I am eating. If you are not a salad person, grab some carrots, some cauliflower, some brocolli, and dip into ranch dressing…great way to get those veggies  in you. And last but not least…water, water, water and vitamins.

Okay so for the healthy eaters…I have a Creamy Homemade Ranch dressing and for the wild child in you I have Mozzarella stuffed Yuca Balls! Enjoy. Next up will be Cornish hens!





Happy New Year to all!

I hope with the New Year it brings each of you, warmth, continued good health, wisdom and wealth!

With each new year, it is tradition for most of us to start off with health resolutions. We all make promises to go to the gym more often, we promise to change our diet, we promise to take the stairs instead of the elevator, we promise to lay off the beer…eat less dessert…

Last year I started my personal training to gain strength and tone up these old bones. I am proud to say I have continued with this into 2014. YAY…I actually have some muscles in these little arms! So for 2014 I hope to continue in this direction and in addition to this I will be starting my low carb diet. I hate using the term diet…as its not really a diet. Its more like I am going to drastically cut back on how much bread and grains I eat daily.

I just need to work on reducing my tummy, as it is a problem are for me. So starting from tomorrow, I will be planning my meals and watching how much I eat.

Tomorrow night for dinner I will be having Steak and Asparagus, with a salad. I simply cannot go without my salads.

But for my last day of freedom from sweets…I made Coconut Ice Cream – Homemade! I had to go out with a bang of course!


Today it had a wind chill of -25 degrees F. And while on my way home from staying over night at a water park for my little monsters birthday, I had the pleasure of seeing hundreds of die hard fans of the MN Vikings football team…walking miles to the game in this crazy, cold, freezing MN weather! It was the last game being played at the Metrodome before it gets demolished for the new stadium. I said to myself…crazy, crazy people…no way you getting me out there to do that!

It just made me think of the things we do for the love of the game, for a person, for our pets. I know with my crazy family, we may not always like each other, we definitely do not talk to each other all the time, but if someone dies or gets sick, let me tell you, we drop everything and head over to comfort each other. Well…I better say support, I am not sure we are comforting kind of people, we don’t hug and say I love you ever! LMBO.

Yet I know my family are always there for each other. This year for Christmas Day for the first time in a few years my entire family spent it together. It was great I must say. I grew up with my Grand Parents, so I grew up pretty close to my dad’s brothers and sisters. So it was nostalgic to be with all my aunts and uncles and cousins, all squeezed into my aunts little living room. I know and will mention that this all came about due to the death of my Uncle earlier this year, which is sad really that people wait for a tragedy to bring them together. I keep my brothers and sister and my niece very close to me. I want my niece to grow up learning that family is important and sacred.

One of the dishes I made to take to my aunts was my Four Hour Crispy Roasted Duck! Do you like crispy skin on your duck? Well let me tell you…this was the easiest way to get crispy skin and with tons of flavor! It does take a few hours…but really easy. No fancy spices or rubs. What a great main dish to have at your New Years Eve Dinner!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I wish you all the best for the New Year! Be safe.


I have finally completed my christmas shopping! YAY!!!

I am telling you shoping in -9 degree weather is hard work. And for the past 2 weeks MN has been in the low single and minus digits. The roads are a mess from all the snow we have gotten so far. And its not even winter yet! Not technically anyway.

I am counting down my days as I go on vacation, not to a warm place but vacation from work at least in 4 days! I can hardly wait. And I am not sure if this happens to you or not but when I don’t have to go to work is when my little eyes tend to open at the crack of dawn! Nothing drives me more crazy.

So who have been naughty and who has been nice? I truly believe I have been an excellent person this year, I may have sworn at a few people in my mind maybe 100 times…but that is for the whole year again! LMBO

I was helping my little monster who is in 4th grade with her history homework…I swear there was at least 10 pages of work to do! I was stressed out. I mean when do the teachers expect the kids to get enjoy their weekend with all that work? I know, I know its in the best interest of the child, but shoot I had to do the work along with her to make sure it was right. Painful…makes me thank God I am done with school. You know when I was going to school, I use to wish I was already working, so I would not have homework or have to get up early to go to school. Now I don’t have the homework, but I have to get up even earlier to go to work. So of course now I am patiently waiting for retirement which is years, years away!

In the meantime, how about we check out some food! Today I made Curry Duck. Oh it was good. It was like home in Trinidad, on the river, with a cook going on the banks! Yummy.

I also posted my Apricot Pepper Jelly Ham recipe from thanksgiving.

If you are in a cold state, bundle up and stay warm, if you are on an island somewhere warm…I don’t really want to talk to you right now 🙁





Ah thanksgiving is finally over, I am not sure if that is good or bad, as now I have to start planning for Christmas. I have to start over with the whole menu planning, the tablescape, the table seating…I know  a bigger house with a nice big dining room and an even bigger kitchen would make all this so much easier and nicer…just in case Santa is reading this blog…hint hint!

We finally got the whole christmas lights situation figured out and they are up and I am positive our house is the brightest on the block, blinding our neighbors! Picked up our tree yesterday and I will be decorating it hopefully tonight. That is another project by itself. That is me complaining…I love a fresh pine needle christmas tree, however those darn pine needles that fall all over the carpet and sticks you when you leats expect it is the worst!

Thanksgiving this year was wonderful, as usual…great weather! I was able to make my turkey outside in our firepit. This is the first year we did not do a deep fried turkey. So you know my turkey was handsome compared to previous years. By that I mean he was not totally black on the outside.

Traditionally every Thanksgiving and Christmas morning, I make Bahamian Chowder, with fresh lobster meat. This is paired with freshly baked bread and Ham. This is our breakfast and snacking on throughout the day meal, as I usually do dinner on these holidays. This year I am sharing my treasured recipe for my chowder. And the lobster meat I used in this recipe came all the way from the waters of Trinidad/Caribbean. I brought them back from our fishing Trip down there. So you know I knew them when they were alive and kicking or is that clawing!

Do you have a tradition? Come on share it with me. I am still trying to figure out how to make my comment box more noticeable. Have patience with me until then.

Enjoy the Bahamian Chowder…I should rename it to Trini Chowder!