Happy belated Valentines Day all! I hope your day was filled with love, kisses, romance, candles, romantic dinners…

I received my traditional bouquet of roses at work and another at home. Yes I am spoiled. We did dinner on Saturday with my family, which is what we do every year. No one is left out.

Update on my low carb eating, I am still fighting the good fight! Yay. It is getting easier I must admit. After a while your mind and body simply adjust to the change. I have not weighed myself, as I do lift a lot of weights, and muscle does add weight. However I am more toned and did fit into my dress on Saturday! That in itself is my accomplishment.

Due to valentine dinner on Saturday, Sunday ended up being a lazy day for me. I needed a quick side dish to go with my pork and beans and these Deviled Eggs – Bacon-ized was perfect! Quick and full of flavor.


Math? Huh? On a food blog? What the heck! Yep Math! Or as we Trini’s like to pronounce it Maths! And yes my niece laughs every time we pronounce it that way. Nope I am not going back to school…as least not in the real way.

My niece is in 4th grade and every weekend I sit with her and go over her homework that she had for the week and what is due the next week. I cannot tell you how painful it is to do the math with her! First off I have not done math for years other than counting my pennies weekly. Why do I need to have a fraction in its simplest form? I cannot tell you how much crying goes on during the 2 digit multiplication math! And sometimes its me! LMBO.

This weekend I packed her off to my Brother-in-laws house so that she can make a gigantic multiplication table chart to stick on the wall so that every time she walks into her room she can see it and hopefully commit some of it to memory. It is getting better though, this weekend we had no crying. That is a small victory to me. After going through simple fractions this weekend though, I am ready to find me a tutor, well not for me but for her.

I just cannot remember it being this hard 20 years ago. I usually like to take my frustration out in the kitchen, and after doing Math this weekend, I went all out with these finger smacking, Sexy Chicken Wings.
Back to Math class. IMG_9791   IMG_9794

Congratulations to the Seahawks on winning the Super Bowl…and to the Handsome Percy Harvin for getting his ring! He truly deserved it, one of my favorite football players. And he is such a handsome devil! OYE

I have no idea what was going on with the Bronco’s though? Sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some. Now onto the commercials…I have two favorites…obviously the puppy and the horse and my other is the M&M ad. Most of the commercials though were of cars, what’s up with that! And of course….Bruno Mars! Awesome performer.

Off of football…I went to see Evita at the theater this weekend, 12 songs in the first part and 15 in the second…OMG…I am a fanatic when it comes to plays and my books of course, however musicals are a little tougher for me. I love plays that has a dialog. However I have seen my fair share of musicals….and Evita has to be one of the better ones. One of my all time favorite plays was War Horse, that I saw two times, once in NY and at home in MN. If you ever get the chance to see it…I promise you will love it!

Okay so as promised…Pork Chops! Easy brine recipe, yummy spice rub. This is probably my first pork chop that actually came out mouth watering! It has nothing to do with the fact that I am craving food from my carb diet! LOL

I am still holding strong to my Low Carb diet. It is week 6 now…I have not seen any dramatic weight loss yet…but I am still hanging in there…for now. I love receiving comments and feedback as usual on my recipes or anything in general!


February 2nd will be the Super bowl as you all know…its the big game day that we Americans (yes I refer to myself as an American on that day) all look forward to each year.

It helps to take our minds off the weather and gives us something to talk about other than the blistering cold tormenting us outside. Today is a heat wave with 12 degrees let me tell you!

I can’t wait to go outside and have that warm, cold air hit me! LOL Okay but I am digressing away from Super bowl and again focusing on the weather!

Back to Super bowl, this year I am going to do a healthy super bowl…low carb all the way. But before I tell you what’s on the menu, let me tell you how our Super Bowl goes each year…first of all the Vikings never win so we are never in the Super Bowl, I think the last time they got in was before I was even born. I do however have every other teams jersey! Yep I sure do, so I am prepared for whichever team makes in it there.

I wear both teams jersey and whichever teams scores I pull the other off! Walla… Am I smart or what. Now my sister is not a football person…she has very little idea what really is going on in the game. She does try though…she is usually awake long enough to watch the first quarter and then she wakes up with about 8 minutes left in the last quarter and starts cheering for whichever team she feels like cheering for.

My brother just yells at the TV throughout the entire game all the while keeping up with his texting…My brother-in-law loves to give the statistics of football in general…even worse when he has a few beers…My other partner in crime…usually stays quiet…my niece stays hidden in her room and will come out briefly to ask us why we are making so much noise and is that game done yet so she can use the big TV to play the WII and why can’t we go watch football on the small TV. And well me, I usually am the one saying…Ohhhhh, Oh…man…and hey are you guys going to eat? Come on eat some more…cause I hate left overs…its a pain to put all the food away. And of course you would think there was 15 of us in the house…when there really is only  6 of us…one sleeping, and one hidden in her room…

Okay so for the big game this weekend…I will be featuring chicken wings! LOL of course you have to have wings! But my brother-in-law wants wings in a sauce so that is where I will have to come up with a sauce. And of course there will be Turkey Tacos, with low carb shells…My brother loves steak so I may do steaks or Pork chops…whatever I am in the mood for since I am the chef and collard greens with smoked turkey. And of course…my homemade Baked Beans! And guess what, I am sharing my recipe for my beans today with you all. It was a hit I must say…(patting myself on the back). Enjoy!


Eating healthy is tough! I don’t care who says what, but it is a pain in the toushy! I beg you to tell me otherwise!

You all know I started my low carb / healthy eating as of January 6th this year. Well I have kept with my good eating habits for two weeks. I was a good girl…so good that I did not even eat any of my brother’s birthday cake on Saturday that I paid a small fortune for and let me tell you, that cake looked delicious! It smellth divine! That cake called my name so many times it was crazy. But like I said I was a good girl. Now here comes the stickler…I weighted myself yesterday and I have only lost 1 pound! Two weeks of no carbs and I lost only 1 pound! OMG…

Okay that was my rant…I am going to stick with the healthy eating for a few more weeks as I keep saying nothing happens overnight or in my case over two weeks. Patience…patience…

So what have I learned about eating healthy in the last two weeks…instead of potatoes I used celery root, which I will admit is a great substitution. Always plan your meals ahead. With low carbing you have to prepare, prepare, prepare. I eat a lot of seafood. For breakfasts, which you should never skip, I made fritata with no crust. And I ate that all week with avacados. I still went out for breakfasts on the weekends, I still had my eggs benedict, I simply left out the hashbrowns and muffins and replaced it with avacados. I did not miss the bread or the hashbrowns. But that is me everyone is different. If you just cannot do without it…simply cut it in half.

After working out each day I had a protein shake which curbed my appitite until my next meal. I am a salad freak…I love a fresh salad with anything that I am eating. If you are not a salad person, grab some carrots, some cauliflower, some brocolli, and dip into ranch dressing…great way to get those veggies  in you. And last but not least…water, water, water and vitamins.

Okay so for the healthy eaters…I have a Creamy Homemade Ranch dressing and for the wild child in you I have Mozzarella stuffed Yuca Balls! Enjoy. Next up will be Cornish hens!