I am back! I know it has been a few weeks since I have posted anything. But I did say I was on vacation on the sunny, warm Island of Trinidad! It was great!

Before I left for vacation, a popular music artist visited the Minneapolis area to perform. So you know I had to go support my country man. This is where the etiquette lesson comes in. First off ladies, when you are going out, whether it is a club or a concert or a party…cover your private areas. Why would you wear a dress that is so short that you have to constantly pull it down over your butt? How can you dance like that?

If you cannot walk in 4-inch heels…Do not wear them please, you ruin the look of the shoes when you are struggling to walk in it! And if you cannot walk in it, then you obviously cannot dance in it. It is tacky, to take your shoes off that you cannot walk in just to dance barefoot! Seriously do you know what has been on that floor that you are prancing around on barefoot? Huge turn off for guys!

If you cannot hold your liquor…please do tell me why is it you continue to drink and act like an idiot? It simply shows you have no class. Trust me no guy will take you home to their mother! They may date you and have their fun but that is it.

My last lesson and advise…when the performer calls you up on stage…OMG…it is so that he can sport you off and all your assets that you are showing to the crowd! It is not because he thinks you are a nice girl. It is so that he can get his laugh. So do not go up there and show everyone you can ‘wine’ and ‘grind’ and act like a moran! Respect yourself girls.

Now onto my yummy vegetarian dish! Curried Channa is a popular vegetarian dish in Trinidad. It is in fact a main dish at any prayers or gathering. It is super easy to make as you can easily make it with canned beans.

It is served alongside any bread or roti. Do enjoy!




Update on my exercising…I am proud to say that I am 2 pounds away from my goal. Two pounds! I have seen changes in my body, changes in the way my clothes fit and I have received lots of good compliments on my body in the last few weeks. It makes all the craving for potato chips, rice, hotdogs….worth while!

Here are my before and After pictures…Before in the Orange and after in the pink!

Before and After

Now my new goal is to maintain what I have worked so hard for. I am going on a much needed vacation in a few weeks and this will be a challenge, as my mom is the best cook in the world!

But before my vacation…I am looking forward to a close/best friend of mine to visit. The anticipation is killing me! LOL

I love to show-off and plan and cook, when my friend visits. And its not often it happens so I like to make good use of my time. I rather make small, quick meals and reserve my precious time for other adventures as it is not often I get to have friends over. Utterly excited!

With Summer SLOWLY approaching, I had to dust off the BBQ grill this weekend. It was still cold while I was out there grilling, but I had my snow boots and my gloves on! I was set. By force Summer will come. I made Jerk Chicken with Beans & Rice and fried plantains!

My little monster chow down on 4 pieces of chicken! My brother-in-law was like dang it has been so long since he had any kind of grilled meat. This was indeed a long winter…but I think we are seeing the end in sight. Although the weather guys says snow tomorrow! Bring it on.

Enjoy. And as usual I love receiving feedback.





It has been a tough weekend for me. It started out pretty good on Friday with dinner and drinks and great music with friends…then it all went down hill from there.

I think it was my own fault of course for being to trusting and doubting myself and my instincts. I usually have pretty good instincts when it comes to people, but trusting someone is a whole other ball game. It takes a lot, for me to trust someone, so yes I fall even harder when that person does not live up to expectations. Either way I survived the weekend…barely.

Here is to a better week, even though its the start of a work week. Anything to get my mind off of my worrying. And I am a professional Worry Wart let me tell you. LOL I will be relieved to go home at the end of the month for my mommy to take care of me. Everyone needs taking care of every now and again.

An update on my exercising and eating healthy, I am happy to announce I am down 10 pounds! Woohoo…Now you have to understand I am a very petite person so losing 10 pounds for me is like a big person losing 30 pounds. I am taking all the weight loss that comes my way. I am 4 pounds away from my weight loss goal. Fingers and toes crossed that it happens before my trip.

What is one of the first things I eat when I touch down in Trinidad? Doubles! It is the best street food ever! Doubles is a vegetarian street food that is sold in small shed’s and carts alongside the streets. Trinidad is known for it Doubles and its Carnival.

It is curried channa (chickpea), smothered between two fried breads called bara and served with a spicy mix of cucumber, tamarind or mango chutney. Delicious.

This is one of the things that I miss most of all from home, its waking up any morning and being able to grab a doubles as breakfast, lunch or dinner! What a great hangover food. It washes down nicely with a cold Solo Apple Jay. Cannot wait for it.

In the mean time I have to make it on my own. Check out Doubles with the Condiments.







The first thing I do in the morning when I roll over, is look for bunny…she is usually camped out in her bed, next to the window after a busy night of prowling. All night she wants to go outside, then let back in, then go back out, then let back in. This is our nightly routine.

After I check on her, I check my phone to see the weather report. OYE…can you believe it is April and we are expecting 8-12 inches of snow tomorrow in MN! Mother nature is sure playing an April fools joke on us. I am not laughing…I am silently crying for a little spring of summer. I need sunlight, and warmth.

I am thankful, last Sunday we had 1 beautiful day 60 degrees! Of course Monday it had dropped to 30! But whose counting right? I asked my monster if she wants to go for a walk around the block since it was so nice out. She was watching TV (pretty little liars) at the time and said no, she is watching her shows. So I said to her, don’t you want to get some fresh air? She is like no just open the sliding door and get fresh air. So I told her okay, get your homework and sit at the table…it was not even a ,minute after she said okay lets go for a walk.

So to celebrate our 1 warm day and my little victory, I threw together a chicken dish. I have no idea what to call this dish, so I am calling it a Weeknight Chicken Dish!




This had to be one of the first weekends in forever that I did not cook a huge Sunday dinner. I usually go all out and plan something crazy, that requires me to be up and preparing and cooking. But instead I slept in till 11am on Sunday morning! OYE…Laziness for sure.

The monster does not raise her behind out of bed till after 11 am on any given day unless I go in there and start clapping and saying Hellooooo, helloooo…and she hates it! LOL I just love doing it to her. She says to me, Nini, Nini you gotta stop and she covers up her head.

So this Sunday I slept in! Mr. Tastesspicy was watching cricket so bunny and I curled up nice and cozy. So no Sunday dinner meant I had to find food for the monster to eat before she went home to her mom’s. My monster eats anything…well most. But she loves salmon fish. I personally do not like it. But she loves it with just plain white rice and hot sauce. If she is eating it I don’t complain. Most kids won’t eat like that. I had a piece of salmon and a piece of sword fish. I made a quick easy marinade with whatever was in the pantry and popped a bag of steam-able white rice in the microwave and the Mr. and the Monster ate that for dinner.

Easy and quick was the name of the game. So if you are in a rush and looking for something quick try Salmon with butter! Change up the spices, use what you have available or try fresh herbs. Salmon is a fish that does not need a lot of dressing up. Enjoy!