This past weekend MN sprang its clocks forward by one hour and I have to admit, it was mighty hard to wake up this morning! That extra hour is so important, at least to me. I swear that is the best sleeping time! Come on you cannot tell me hitting that snooze button for 5 more minutes is not the best sleep of the night!

I am literally dragging through the day today. I am mentally motivating my mind to head to the gym. I am happy  to say I am still on my low carb diet. I am down 7 pounds. I know 7 pounds in three months is not a whole lot right? But what you should know is that I am a small person to begin with. I weighted about 114 pounds…But my ideal weight is about 103. I say this because I swear, my tummy see carbs and it immediately starts to grown around my mid-section! I am not joking. So this is the area I am working on. Unfortunately the tummy area is the last place to shrink.

I have noticed the difference in my size and the way my dresses fit. Did you know I am a dress fanatic? LMBO. I do not need an occasion to put on my dress and prance around. Most of my wardrobe is from BEBE…I love BEBE. This is the reason I am trying to tone and get rid of the tummy. I spend too much money on clothes to not be able to wear it because of this tummy. I am an avid exercise-er. I exercise 6 times a week with strength and endurance training…but the tummy is taking its sweet time to go down! OYE.

This past weekend I had the family over for Sunday lunch/dinner and I whipped up a quick Macaroni Pie as one of the side dishes. I had a bite or two of it…but it Is packed with carbs. But oh so good…why is it that the things that are bad for you the best tasting?


Once upon a time…in a cold, cold place…girl met boy. Girl thought Boy was aite (alright). As in all relationships its honky dory in the beginning. The sun is shining, the flirting is great, the shy kisses, the excitement of seeing each other…sigh…ah to be young again.

A few months go by, then come the questions, boy and girl starts to get more comfortable with each other. They start talking about past relationships. And come on which middle-aged person does not have some ‘racks hanging in the closet’! Most boys and girls go into a relationship with a past right? Of course boy and girl dated before meeting said boy and girl.

Here is the juicy part of this story…boy turns out to be a rather jealous type, does not like the way girl dresses even though he met and liked her just fine like that. Boy is insecure which girl assumes came from his past relationship.

Girl is tolerant, because she thinks boy is still cool and deserves the benefit of the doubt. While girl is sleeping over at boy’s house one night, boy gets up in the night and snoops through girls phone and her messages. After boy is finished snooping, he sneakily crawls back into bed and acts like nothing happened the next morning.

While girl is making breakfast the next morning, boy brings up these weird questions about girl’s past relationships. Girl tries to answer these questions all the while wondering where this is suddenly coming from. Girl checks her phone and notices her text messages has been shuffled around. Girl says nothing. After girl leaves and get home…girl texts boy and said “you snooped through my phone?” Boy admits he did!

Girl starts to not trust boy anymore as any human would! Needless to say Boy and Girl were just not the same after that…Girl decided Boy just was not for her.

After going their separate ways a year passes by, girl gets a text from strange phone number. When girl ask who is it? The mystery person says they are someone who cares for Boy and saw messages between boy and girl. Mystery gal wanted Girl to keep this secret from boy as she had secretly snooped through boy’s phone messages and found girls number.

Girl is a grown and mature adult and said to mystery gal, you need to speak to boy and ask him these questions. As it is rude, childish and sneaky to say the least to snoop through someone else’s phone/emails/messages especially  when you are now starting a relationship.

The End!

What yah think? Was girl lucky to have gotten out when she did? Do you believe in whatever goes around comes around? Do you think it was boy that was the actual “mystery gal”?

My opinion…I said to girl…”You are lucky when you got out, as if he does not trust you in the beginning how the heck is he going to trust you later on?” But that is just me. I like a drama free life which I live today!

So while you are contemplating your relationships, and my story please do enjoy these delicious Shrimp in a Butter Sauce recipe.


This past weekend I hosted a Girls Movie Night In, in which I got to test out 3 new Martinis. Nothing like having the gals test out the drinks!

The night was a huge success. Lots of laughter, great food, awesome drinks, beautiful company and a little crying thrown in there for good measure.

We had a plan since last year to watch the second part of The best Man, however due to travels and holiday gatherings we were never able to nail down a time to hit the movies to watch it. So I planned a movie night in, where we can chill at home and laugh as loud as we like to watch it finally.

It was very hard to not watch it until this weekend of course, but the wait was well worth it. On the menu was Peas and Rice with salted pig tails, stew chicken, sushi and a salad. Followed by delicious, tiny deserts and of course the main attraction the Martinis.

The movie was a hit! Love those hunks! Talk about dark, chocolate. Dang I should have made a dark chocolate-tini! Next time for sure. I love, hanging out my gal pals, every woman needs a gang of gal pals. Mine comes in a range of size, age and wisdom. We are comfortable enough with each other that we can talk about anything. They are also my theater going pals too! And we will be soon traveling together for our Caribbean trip!

For Movie night and Best Man Holiday movie I made three martinis. A Mango Coconut Martini, a Honey Tangerine Martini and a Ginger-Tini. Of all three, the Ginger-Tini was the winner.


Last Thursday a snow storm graced us here in MN. In the Twin Cities we were blessed with 8-11 inches of snow. What a mess! The snow fell all night Wednesday into Thursday, then when it stopped snowing everything froze! So you know it turned into ice which made driving a nightmare.

I am lucky to have a big SUV as they say, she is my baby, she does not like, snow, ice or rain. She is a girl and very delicate and yes it is my vehicle I am talking about LOL. But I swear I was skating rather than driving the entire time. And I was not so much afraid of me, I was more afraid of the crazies who was speeding!

So needless to say, I camped out at home all weekend. So I cooked up a storm! Yep there was a storm in my kitchen as well. I made a low carb cake, cause I was desperate for something sweet to eat without giving up on my healthy lifestyle, scallops, shrimp and salmon all made the menu! It was a mad menu I must say.

Today I am showing the Low Carb Blackberry Banana Cake and the Scallops. I am off to NC for work and hopefully will be able to post the shrimp within the week. Enjoy! Cannot wait for a bit of warmth in NC! even if its for 2 days. Beggars cannot be choosers!



Happy belated Valentines Day all! I hope your day was filled with love, kisses, romance, candles, romantic dinners…

I received my traditional bouquet of roses at work and another at home. Yes I am spoiled. We did dinner on Saturday with my family, which is what we do every year. No one is left out.

Update on my low carb eating, I am still fighting the good fight! Yay. It is getting easier I must admit. After a while your mind and body simply adjust to the change. I have not weighed myself, as I do lift a lot of weights, and muscle does add weight. However I am more toned and did fit into my dress on Saturday! That in itself is my accomplishment.

Due to valentine dinner on Saturday, Sunday ended up being a lazy day for me. I needed a quick side dish to go with my pork and beans and these Deviled Eggs – Bacon-ized was perfect! Quick and full of flavor.