Sometimes life gets in the way…running from this activity to the next. Busy with family gatherings and adventures. Working all day with no play! Don’t you just hate when you have to go to work and actually work! LMBO

I have family visiting from out of town and we have been going and going. I am tired! It is way time I had a vacation! Oh wait…my vacation starts tomorrow! Yup…I can hardly wait.

I get to sleep in late and party hard. Well I am not so sure about the partying hard. These young bones are out of practice! I went out last weekend with the younger cousins. It took me the entire weekend to recover. My feet was killing me. It was so sore from standing and dancing al night.

Luckily I am recovered now, just in time to start it all over again. And today is my last day of my 8 week boot camp! YAY…I actually am proud to say I made it to every class. And I am starting the next one in two weeks. I have found out that I actually love doing it. The sun is tough but when it is cool out, I love it!

Okay the recipe for this week is something similar to a pizza, but it is spicy and there is a top and a bottom covering for the filling. It is usually made when there is a Hindu ceremony in Trinidad. Check it out. Pepper Roti.


It has been a long week to say the least! I have been on-call for work and I swear, the pager only goes off after 2 am or when you are now getting into that nice sleep zone!

From my last post you will know that we added a new member to our family, Leroy Frilly the Fish! I am sad to say Leroy Frilly lasted only two weeks and past away in the wee hours of Saturday morning. He was a good fish, he never complained, but he sure did make a mess in his room!

We had a small funeral for him in our family animal plot at the side of the house. He was not buried too close to the cat as the monster was afraid that the cat’s spirit’s would try to eat Frilly. I do not know where she comes up with these things but I try to go along with it.

That was the excitement of the weekend.

On the menu this week is a roti called Buss-up-Shot in Trinidad or Paratha roti in other parts of the world or Clap Roti in Guyana.

Traditionally it is made for Hindu prays back home. But I gotta say it goes awesome with a good curry duck! It is flaky because of the butter and the layers and then it is beaten gently with a stick. It is so yummy! Not good for the tummy as it is a heavy meal. But so yummy!



Never negotiate with a child. This is what I have learnt over the years. You will simply not win because they never forget any promises you have made to them.

My monster who is now Ten years old, has been begging for at least three yeas now for a dog. Now if you have been reading my blog and following me…you will all know I am a cat lover. The monster was the one who actually choose Knockles to be part of our family.

Knockles loved her the first moment she saw her, doing all these tricks for her and stuff. Now of course knockles hear her little feet coming and takes off to hide! She won’t come out until the monster has left da building!

So because knockles is no longer interested in her she wants a dog! A dog is a major responsibility that I know will end up being my responsibility once the idea of a puppy has worn off. Hence my hesitation. While I do love animals, I am not looking forward to waking up at 6am in the dead of winter to go walk the dog!

So after much crying, throwing tantrums and negotiating…we settled on a fish! LMBO.

I told her if the fish lives for 5 years and she is good with it she can have a puppy. So the newest member of the family is Leroy Frilly R. Picture below.

Now onto the recipe. This is an oldie, but I revamped it a little. It is Lobster Mac & Cheese. It is made with three types of cheeses, a creamy, a smoky, and a sharp cheese. The lobster I brought all the way from Trinidad, where I got it while on vacation. I grilled it and then added it to the cheese sauce. Three Cheese Lobster Mac & Cheese.

Who does not like cheese or pasta?


leroy frilly


Do you hear that? Chirp, chirp, chirp…that is quiet time! No little footfalls, no pots and pans banging around the kitchen, no TV blaring…love it!

The monster went home to her mommy house yesterday after being with me for six weeks. And my mom left this morning after staying with me as well for the past month. Which meant the whole family was at my house every evening after work. So noise and chaos for the last month.

I cannot wait to go home to a nice, quite, empty house. Just Bunny and me! Steak is on the menu for sure. My mom does not eat beef, so we ate no steak for the past month. I definitely am due for a nice medium steak served with yummy Creamed Corn!

I made this Creamed corn for the July 4th Holiday last week. It was totally made up and thrown together very quick, I had no direction where this was going to go. But it turned out so good! I served it along with my Turkey that was cooked outside in my fire pit over charcoals.

When I do make this recipe again, I would add nice, chunky bacon to it. So if you are going to make it, try it with bacon. I did not add bacon to it this time around because my uncle does not eat pork.


I am in my third week of my boot camp…The running is getting easier, if that is even possible. The exercises, is tougher with each session. I was thinking as time goes on it would get easier as my body adjusts to the work outs. But my trainer somehow finds a new way to torment us each week!

It is so hard to lose the last 3 pounds. I feel like I am at a pause in my work outs. I don’t know how to get over this bump. It doe snot help that my mom is still here cooking up a storm every day! I do like coming home to a hot meal and laundry done! I cannot complain. Its awesome!!!

But to give her a break from the Trinidad food all the time I made steaks and pork chops with salad and a quick and easy Grilled Baby Potato. Everyone loved the potatoes. It was nothing fancy or hard. Give it a try!