I am proud to say I am finally finished with my gardening. Legs burning from all the up and down, pulling weeds, sifting roots, tilling soil! And how could I leave out the mosquitoes. OMG, those little blood suckers knew exactly where to target! Straight on my butt! Clearly they were looking for a wide area to land on to make bloody Mary’s out of my blood.

I planted Caribbean red peppers, habanera peppers, pimentos peppers (Trinidad seasoning peppers), and a plethora of other peppers. I am a spicy girl of course, hence the name of my blog. I also did squash, zucchini, cucumbers, hundreds of tomatoes, eggplants and every herb you can think of. I am trying my hand at corn again.

The last time I planted corn…they came out beautiful…however I did not get to reap them. Just when I thought they were ripe for picking, I came home to find all of my corn gone! However I followed the trail of the bare cobs to a tree, where happily munching away were two squirrels enjoying my corn!

This year though…I am caging in my corn. They will not get my corn.

I cooked up a storm this past weekend! In addition to my Curry Chicken, I made a Blueberry BBQ Sauce and Blueberry BBQ Pork Ribs to slather the sauce on! It turned out perfect. My little monster had four ribs, which had to be a good sign, as its tough to get her to eat anything.IMG_1157



Last Thursday I had the wonderful pleasure of going to hear a great group of talented young and upcoming local artists perform for a fundraiser. Look them up on facebook…Shawn Lyrics and Asia. They performed as part of an opening act for Ashley Dubose, a past contestant on the Voice.

Shawn Lyrics also just released his first CD…really good CD for the kids as for once there is no swearing or rude lyrics.

Okay enough marketing…LOL onto the Curry Chicken recipe! The main attraction. I cannot believe I am a Trini and did not have one curry chicken recipe on my blog! OYE Now that is bad. Since one of the main dishes in Trinidad is Curry Chicken, the East Indian part of the island practically lives on that!

Do not be intimidated by Curry Chicken, it is super easy to make. No fancy ingredients required. Give it a try.


I have been a busy little bee! From coming back from my Trinidad vacation to going right back out to my out of town trip for Memorial weekend and having to get my garden ready for planting it has been non-stop going.

My Trini vacation was awesome as usual, I love going home to my mommy’s cooking and relaxing on the beach. Apparently in one of my previous postings I gave someone the misguided conception that I did not like my country? To correct that, let me state, that is not what that post was intended to mean. I love, love my Caribbean heritage. I will not trade that for anything. I want my adorable little monster to grow up knowing what she came from.

However to go back there to live permanently with the crime is questionable. While I was there on vacation there was the unspeakable assassination of one of Trinidad’s most important female figure. I rest my case!

Memorial weekend was a blast! This is the first time in over 10 years that we actually had great weather! I actually had to use sun screen! Now that was a first.

This year we headed to the Alexandria, MN area to a beautiful cabin on Lake Carlos, where we met the nicest hosts, Andrew and Leslie! Their home and the location of it was beautiful. And I do believe they ordered up that awesome weather just for us as well!

While we were there, for dinner on the first night we made Jerk Chicken, so I wanted to re-create this recipe for the folks that do not have the time to make their own seasoning. Store bought is just as good! Sometimes even better! No shame in that. I love, love Eaton’s Jerk seasoning. And of course you need a refreshing side dish to cool down the spiciness of the jerk chicken. So here are my Eaton’s Jerk Chicken and my Grilled Caesar Pasta Salad.



I was lucky enough to be one of many feature food bloggers on Cynthia Nelson’s Food blog. She is conducting a MY FOOD interview for her blog. She is also one of my favorite food bloggers! And her cook book is awesome! Check it out here Tastes Like Home.

And stay tuned for my next recipe coming soon. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Memorial Weekend!

I am back! I know it has been a few weeks since I have posted anything. But I did say I was on vacation on the sunny, warm Island of Trinidad! It was great!

Before I left for vacation, a popular music artist visited the Minneapolis area to perform. So you know I had to go support my country man. This is where the etiquette lesson comes in. First off ladies, when you are going out, whether it is a club or a concert or a party…cover your private areas. Why would you wear a dress that is so short that you have to constantly pull it down over your butt? How can you dance like that?

If you cannot walk in 4-inch heels…Do not wear them please, you ruin the look of the shoes when you are struggling to walk in it! And if you cannot walk in it, then you obviously cannot dance in it. It is tacky, to take your shoes off that you cannot walk in just to dance barefoot! Seriously do you know what has been on that floor that you are prancing around on barefoot? Huge turn off for guys!

If you cannot hold your liquor…please do tell me why is it you continue to drink and act like an idiot? It simply shows you have no class. Trust me no guy will take you home to their mother! They may date you and have their fun but that is it.

My last lesson and advise…when the performer calls you up on stage…OMG…it is so that he can sport you off and all your assets that you are showing to the crowd! It is not because he thinks you are a nice girl. It is so that he can get his laugh. So do not go up there and show everyone you can ‘wine’ and ‘grind’ and act like a moran! Respect yourself girls.

Now onto my yummy vegetarian dish! Curried Channa is a popular vegetarian dish in Trinidad. It is in fact a main dish at any prayers or gathering. It is super easy to make as you can easily make it with canned beans.

It is served alongside any bread or roti. Do enjoy!