Quick post today to share with you the video of a Cambodian Curry Chicken I did in partnership with @196flavors.

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Is everyone watching the Soccer World Cup? Its kind of hard to watch it when it starts at 4 am here, but I trying to catch the highlights after work. I don’t have a favorite team per se. I am hoping one of the under dog teams come out on top.

Someone said lets do a bet that every time the players fall down injured we needed to do squats. I kept thinking omg I will be doing squats till the next World Cup rolls around in 4 years!

Today I am sharing with you a post that I collaborated on with 196flavors.com. This month they are traveling to the beautiful country of Cambodia. Not many people have heard about Cambodia, but it is nestled between Vietnam and Thailand. So their cuisine is heavily influenced by asian flavors.

Fish cakes is one of those universal appetizers that most every country has its own version. In Trinidad we use salted cod and add flour to ours. Its called fritters.

Cambodia’s version is different in that it does not use any binding agent. so its all fish. However, I promise you it is not fishy at all. The combination of all the ingredients masks the fish flavor.

Head on over to 196 flavors to read about the history of fish cakes and for the recipe.

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Did everyone see that cute video of the Raccoon climbing a skyscraper? He climbed to the top of a building, took a nap and then climbed some more to the roof, where he was finally caught unharmed and safe.

Unlike that raccoon who seemed to have a lot of zeal and energy, there are some days when I get home from work that I do want a good, home cooked, healthy meal. Not asking for too much right?

However, I don’t want to cook it, further more for spending hours in a hot kitchen. Not when I want to curl up on my bed and read my book. I am literally exhausted after doing bootcamp, followed my 45 minutes of swinging a kettle bell around and a full day at the office. The last thing I want to do is go party or hang out with people.

So I came home from work yesterday and after looking at my garden where the weeds are growing faster than my vegetables, dug through my fridge to see what I can whip up really quick while still sticking to my healthy meal plan.

Sugar Kubes and I are in a 30 day challenge to see who loses the most % of body weight. While some people believe in starving themselves, I simply cannot with my gym routine.

What I came up with was super fantastic! Even the people who is not eating healthy and trying to fit into skinny jeans will surely love this dish!

Whole Foods features products from 365 that is cheaper than their other brands. This Spelt, green lentils and long grain brown rice is one of their throw in the microwave and eat right away meals.

It is located right next to their rice in the rice isle. It can also be found online at Amazon, because amazon has everything imaginable. I needed something with a little more filling, because I know by 8 pm when I am laying in bed, yes I go to bed early because my body is tired from trying to mold it into a sexy model’s body, I will be starving! Its not going so good thus far.

I added some left over kale and spinach that I had and need to use and some broccoli and peppers again that I need to use. In 10 minutes you will have a nice, healthy meal that will make you feel like it is freshly made!

So forget the microwave, and cook your rice on the stove top with any veggies you like. I ate mine with chicken boobs. I am teaching myself to love chicken boobs. Again another failure.

Give it a go, the next time you don’t feel like cooking, but want something delicious in a hurry!

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Click here for Semi Homemade Rice Pilaf recipe.

The first thing I do each morning when I wake up is turn on the news, while I convince myself that working is important and that the only way I can live the life of luxury (not really) is if I drag myself out of bed every day and put on my big girl clothes and speed to work.

Last Friday, flashing across my TV screen I distinctly saw breaking news. I can’t see worth a darn without my glasses, so I am thinking ok great which country are we at war with today.

Imagine my shock to see one of my favorite food stars had committed suicide. I am an avid follower of Anthony Bourdain. I love his CNN travel show to different countries and different view on food and their structure. I simply could not believe it!

I mean, I just saw him on Sunday for that weekends No Reservations! The food world will miss him, his drinking and his sarcasm. This right after the death of Kate Spade. I am not a purse or bag type of person. Like I know many, many women who has, lots of bags and purses. I have maybe 5 in my possession and I seriously only use 1 or 2…because I hate switching everything over. But I am a foodie gal and I will miss Anthony Bourdain.

I remember how excited we all were to watch the episode when he went to Trinidad. Our little island getting this kind of recognition. Especially when we are known for our love of food.

Speaking of food…I am sharing with you a quick, juicy recipe of Asian Marinated Grilled Chicken. Perfect for BBQ’s or on the stove top if you have a grill pan like I did because it is always winter in MN.

The longer you marinate the meat for the yummier it will be. But of course you all knew that already! And yup you guessed it, I made a video.

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Hi there!

Its been about 2 weeks since I last posted anything. I was away for Memorial weekend and I just felt too lazy to cook and video and blog.

I usually go away to a lake house every Memorial weekend, this year in 14 years we actually had 90 degree weather. I am not complaining, but there was two houses next to us on either side and we were the only house hold that would be inside all day and only came out when the sun set! Brown people are terribly afraid of sunlight, we actually like to keep our winter color!

The lake water was seriously ice cold, but we did catch a huge big mouth, wide mouth or large mouth bass! I really cannot recall the correct term for it.

This week my little monster who is not so little anymore is graduating from middle school and heading into the big leagues of high school. I can hardly believe it! Granted she is taller than me by a foot or a head, and her feet is the size of a basketball player. I am just bracing myself for a whole new set of teenage torment coming my way.

Today I decided to make this beautiful Pork Tenderloin with a Grape Reduction. Here is the thing, I cannot cook pork to save my life. I literally always cook it till its too darn dry and no matter how much a salt it, I feel like it still never has flavor. Honestly I don’t like eating it.

I only like pork if its ribs or stewed. I have managed to solve my flavorless and dry pork with this grape reduction. It is savory and it packs quite the punch!

I did this recipe early on in my blogging life, before I started doing videos, so today I just did the video of it but the recipe is the same.

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Click here for Pork Tenderloin with Grape Reduction recipe.