Someone is getting her new Bracers today! She is so excited for it too. My poor Baby Girl has no idea what 2 years of pain she is in for. She has already picked out her color and all.

I remember from when I had mine, every 3-4 weeks those tightenings was not fun. The sores on the inside of your mouth, and whats worse is not being able to eat corn or popcorn.  For 6 weeks I could not eat anything solid.

So today I have to make sure I prepare a lot of soft food for her that she can eat. And to be sure, when my monster is hungry, she is one crabby little lady!

Before we start eating all soft food though, how about this Cajun/ Dirty Rice. The monster loves dirty rice! its the only thing she eats at Popeyes. So of course I had to try to recreate it. I did not tell her that there are Chicken Livers in this though. Otherwise there was no way she was touching that with a 10 foot pole!

I do promise though that you won’t even taste the livers in this dish. It really came out way better than I had expected. Do give it a try.

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It has been a long week! Every time I am on call for work, I swear the week takes twice as long! And of course it would not be a good on call unless I get paged a few times at 3 am in the morning.

A while back I went to a family reunion with Mr. Pouty Pants and one of his sisters brought this amazing Cream cheese grape dessert. Of course I had to have it and put my own twist on it. First off it is super healthy without missing the sugar, secondly it literally takes 5 minutes to throw together.

In the original recipe it called for sour cream, I used low fat vanilla yogurt instead. I reduced the sugar in it dramatically and topped it with a crunchy granola!

I called a Blueberry Grape Cream Cheese Dessert. I have no idea what the real name is or should be. Of course I also added in the blueberries. The original recipe only had grapes.

I felt like I was eating a cream cheese cake with a burst of berry flavor.

In the video below, I simply updated one of my current recipes on the blog. Green Seasoning is something I use in almost every one of my dishes. You can modify this recipe and add different herbs to it as well. I just like to keep mine simple to not mess with the flavor of my dishes too much.

Click here for Blueberry Grape Cream Cheese Dessert and a video on making my Green Seasoning.

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Last weekend I took a trip out of town with the family to the North Shore. It was cold! I don’t know how people live there year round if in the Summer its cold, imagine what their winter is like. Granted it was in the 60’s and Sunny, but still that is just too cold for summer.

How on earth do you get a natural tan? It is a beautiful little town though. We got to hit about 5 breweries. There are about 11 in that small town, but after 5 stops, it starts to get a little wobbly and blurry if you know what I mean.

Anything is better than being at work though, so it was totally worth it. But after eating fast food for three days, all I wanted when I got home was something light and not salty! I threw together this quick and light dinner.

If you do not like the taste of fish because it is fishy, well I have just the fish for you! This Barramundi Fish Stew is not fishy at all! Barramundi is a sweet, flaky, white fish. It is perfect in the white bean and tomato stew.

Serve this with a piece of bread and a salad and you have a fantastic dinner!

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I am not complaining, but it has been blistering hot and humid here in MN. The wind will not blow! And with my dark coloring, I end up just looking burnt and charred! For some reason the sun is attracted to my forehead. Not attractive at all.

I sent the monster and her friend that was having a sleepover, outside to water the plants as they looked very thirsty, the plants, not the monster, I looked out the window, and sure enough, those two had water everywhere, but the plants! An hour later I see two drowned looking rats squish their way into the house…I had to go water the plants myself!

This pulled pork recipe came about with my need to meal prep for the week with as little time as possible. And again for me to use it in different ways so I don’t get bored.

I don’t like pulled pork only because it is always too sweet. So my pulled pork is not your conventional pulled pork recipe. I actually browned my sugar to give the pork that dark, brown, smokey flavor. And then I added a very little ketchup for sweetness.

It turned out fantastic on the first try! Sorry I don’t have a video of it. I did do one, but while I was caramelizing the sugar (the most important part) my camera shut off, without me knowing it.

So I will have to redo that step and then post the video. In the meantime you should definitely give this Pulled pork a try!

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Who else finds it time consuming and expensive to meal prep? I mean we all want that nice trim hips and firm tummies and you know it is better for you if you meal prep because then you will always have food ready to eat when you are hungry and by having food already prepped, it will eliminate the need to grab junk food.

As someone who loves to cook, trust me it gets hard sometimes to give up two hours of my day cooking in a hot kitchen. I do not like eating the same thing either. Therefore I had to come up with something that I can eat all week, but in different ways!

So I put on my thinking cap and I came up with this delicious turkey taco meat! This in return allowed me to eat this all week, but in three (as Mr. Pouty Pants would say tree) different ways! I made Taco bowls with brown rice, avocados, cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes. The second one was Taco salads, using the same veggies above and lastly…Tacos using low carb tortillas.

All three are healthy, low carb and its different with lots of protein. Give it a go!

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See you all soon! Toodles.

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