Today I am sharing this creamy, coconut milk based fish soup, topped with melted cheese hailing all the way from the South American Country of Paraguay.

Pira caldo is a fish soup made with fresh water catfish paired with vegetables.

This recipe was provided by 196 flavors. The pictures and video belongs to tastesspicy.

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I believe everyone but me has seen Black Panther and the new Avengers movie! I mean how many times do we have to avenge the world with new super heroes?

I feel like a super hero every time I get home from work and is able to get the dishes and dinner done by 9pm! Other days I wish I had a private chef and full time maid service. Though I love to cook, I am hoping the private chef would be better at telling me no to hotdogs and carbs in general! My brain just tells me to eat it, you only live once, who cares if you have a big belly going everywhere with you, just blend in, and then it just laughs at me like we are good friends.

The maid service is so that I will have more time to focus on my private chef than cleaning! Seriously my windows and doors are always closed, so how on earth does dust miraculously appear on my floors and shelves!

I truly admire those people that say they are doing spring cleaning! I mean in my defense we have yet to find spring in Minnesota. That is my excuse at least. Okay serious question now, is it legal for me to call the pow pow on the neighborhood kids at 8pm for making too much noise and squealing and riding their bikes that late? Yes I said THAT late! Luckily my monster don’t squeal, but she has pouting and being moody down to a science! Those little buggers play right next to my bedroom window when I am trying to get my 12 hours of beauty sleep. Yes I said 12 hours! Otherwise I simply cannot function the next day.

What I did manage to accomplish one evening was this awesomely, semi healthy, veggie packed Beef and Veggie Stir-fry. This stir-fry can be eaten on its own or with rice. Of course I ate mine with rice because my brain was telling me to blend in again!

I know there are some strong people out there that carbs can’t get to…so this dish is totally worth it. Give it a go.

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Hi there!

How about popping on over to Tastesspicy for some delicious popovers, that I happened to pop into my oven this weekend!

I was trying to make that rhyme, and sound cool like the actual making of this light and airy popovers. Popovers are a light, hollow roll made from an egg batter and baked in a screaming hot oven. They are similar to Yorkshire pudding.

This simple to make pancake like mixture will give you the feeling of being a fancy baker without the fuss of long hours in the kitchen.

You do not even require a popover pan, you can use a muffin pan. My recipe is a basic recipe with no flavorings, however you can add thyme, rosemary or honey to your recipe.

Just imagine throwing a dinner party and you serve these prior to dinner for your guests with a dab of butter. Your guests will be raving about this for weeks to come. Even better, you have a special craving for bread, like I do, these are perfect to satisfy that carb hunger, without the bloating!

So what are you waiting for? Get cracking on those eggs!

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Guys we got 20 inches of wet, heavy snow over the weekend. We had white out conditions, which means you can’t see squat coming at you when you are driving until it is in your face!

The winds were 30-40 mph, blowing drifts of snow everywhere. And don’t talk about the fact that after all of that…you need to shovel before you can move your cars. Just some of the joys of living in MN. I mean where is Spring?

While it was storming and snowing outside, I decided to eat very unhealthy, and this is by no means a healthy cake. Yes 1 pound of butter was replaced by 1 pound of cream cheese, but this cake still has 3 cups of sugar.

And it is oh so delicious to lick the bowl after pouring the cake batter into the pan. That was the best part of my mom baking cakes back home. We got the bowl and spoon to lick. Nothing tastes better than cake batter, especially when it has cream cheese in it.

Make sure you still grease and flour your baking dish, even if it is nonstick. Don’t risk it.

Remember this is a pound cake, so it will be heavy with not a lot of air bubbles to make it light and fluffy.

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Click here for Pound Cake recipe.


Some nights after a full days work at the office, working out twice for the day at the gym, dealing with the never ending winter in Minnesota, I just want to come home and throw together something that is quick and simple, yet delicious.

This was definitely one of those days. To start with my work laptop crashed big time and I was unable to get it back up and running. Which means I have to go into the office tomorrow, on a Friday. Normally that would be okay, but seeing as we are expecting a huge snow storm tonight into tomorrow…something like 16 inches then yup I am not happy about that.

The last thing I wanted to do was come home and try to cook a whole meal. In Trinidad when I was growing up, toast bread and butter with cheese, that was melted with a hot cup of tea was a little slice of heaven. And that is exactly what I needed tonight.

And since I am a big girl now, all grown up and stuff, I decided to up my Grilled Cheese sandwich game with adding in a fancy brie cheese, with delicious sweet, soft onions, spicy arugula and smoke ham shaved off the bone!

Talk about yumminess in one bite! It was so darn good!

And because I am a nice gal, I am sharing this recipe with you so you can make this as your fancy dinner tomorrow night! Just throw in a cold brew or a dirty martini and you are all set!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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Click here for Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe.