I never knew about the connection between Spain and Oxtails or more specifically bulls tail. In fact I did not know about a lot of the history of different foods and recipes until I started blogging for 196flavors.

Over at 196 flavors they believe in authenticity and showcasing where a recipe came from. If you have not seen some of the articles I have written for them you should definitely check it out.

While some of them are hard to write, because it is in another language like this Oxtail Stew from Spain, you will be amazed to hear about the history of how that recipe came to be.

Today I am sharing with you one of the recipes I did for 196flavors. This recipe was past onto me by 196flavors, so it is not my own. The finished dish and the pictures however are mine. And yes of course it all went into my tummy!

Before you knock it, do give it a try. I have posted a video of it as well on my Youtube Channel. So give this Roba de Toro or Spanish Oxtail Stew a try today.



Every now and again I surprise myself with some dish or the other. Like remember when I was on that kick of eating fish for a whole month? I thought it was the best fish ever. Well I am seriously fished out as I made that same fish again today and you know what? It just did not taste like out of this world like I though it did. Granted I used seasoning that was in the fridge and not fresh like I usually do.

So either I am truly fished out of fresh seasoning really does make a dish taste different. But seriously who has time to make seasoning from scratch every time? By the time I roll in from work, the last thing I want to do is try to fire up the food processor.

Luckily I am on this fasting kick lately. I have been stuck in my work outs for months. My weight was not going up or down. And I work out like a mad lady. So its not exercising. And I eat really good. I mean there are times I do indulge in Popeyes, because it is yummy. But that is a once a moth kind of thing.

I needed to shake things up. So I heard about this intermittent fasting and decided to give it a go. The first night was hard. I ate at 11:30 am and fasted until the next day at the same time. In two weeks I have seen results. Down 8 pounds. YAY! I am taking these victories in small doses.

Like this Fruit Salad I mean have you looked at the picture and seen how delicious that looks? The color of the fruits was spot on! Trust me this is a guilt free salad. Its like a delicious fall salad.

Easiest salad you will make! It will have you coming back for more.

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And don’t forget to Make this Fruit Salad.


I first tried this classic Spanish dish while I was travelling for work in Vegas. Yes those were the good days when we were allowed to travel for work. Now everything has a budget, including my wardrobe!

I cannot recall the name of the restaurant, other than it was in one of those big name hotels on the strip. They brought this amazing dish to my table still in the Paella pan, and served it table side. The presentation was spell bounding, the smell of this Paella was invigorating to say the least.

The server, scraped up a little of the bottom of the paella and a little of the top, ensuring each person got a little of that delicious crusty bottom. This is what is so special about Paellas. Its the brown bits formed at the bottom of the pan, by not stirring it at all after adding the rice to it.

I know NOT stirring a dish is hard for some of you to do, like my brother, he has this unhealthy habit of always wanting to stir my pot or flipping my BBQ wings every minute on the grill!

Resist the urge to stir. In a true Paella Valenciana, it is a combination of rabbit and chicken, I omitted the rabbit because someone has an affinity to wild rabbits that is named George for each one of them.

So out of respect for George and Peaches (my little cousins pet rabbit) I decided to forgo that part of it. If you follow me on Instagram, you would see a picture of Peaches, who eats a lot of fresh herbs, and i secretly think she would be one tasty bunny because of all the fresh herbs she eats.

I have tested this paella, two times already, it is important that your pan is really hot, the chicken has to caramel. The veggies also has to brown. The flavors of this dish depends on that.

And once again…DO NOT STIR!

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You can find the Paella Valenciana recipe here.


I have been on this crazy fish kick lately. Not just any fish, and no its not Salmon, I honestly do not like salmon fish. A few years ago I tasted Barramundi fish for the first time. If you have not had this fish, and you are a picky eater, I urge you to give this one a try.

And why would you just run out and buy this expensive fish you ask? Well hear me out…first off it is a delicate, light, flakey, sweet fish. It is NO WAY fishy.

I have tried it, fried, curried, grilled and steamed. It is delicious any way you cook it. The down side is that it is $12.99 per pound at least in MN it is. And I don’t always get it.

For the last month I have been making it lightly dusted in flour and fried crispy. I eat it with tacos, or with roasted potatoes or even rice. My monster was over the other day and I made this fish a day before I needed to head to NC for a work meeting. I mentioned to her that it will have fresh seafood there as its is close to the ocean.

Her response was then why did you making us eat fish for a whole month! I guess she is fished out!

So if you have not eaten this fish before, go check it out! Its dah-licious. Oh and like always remember to pop on over to my YouTube Channel and subscribe to see more awesome videos!

Click here for Pan Fried Barramundi Fish recipe.


Every time I go back home to Trinidad, one of my most favorite things to eat is a Roast Pork Sandwich. I have never been able to master how Trini’s make their roast pork. It does not help that everyone has a different process either.

One of my fondest memory is every Friday buying a roast pork sandwich from the neighborhood bar (rum shop). The lady that owned it only made it on Friday and Saturdays. I believe she fried her pork pieces and smothered it in the best sauce ever!

I was finally able to find a butcher close to my house that I can order a whole hogs leg. It takes a few days to get it but at least I know its fresh and not frozen for months. The marinade for this hog leg is so simple and you probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry. What’s the catch to this delicious roast pork?

It takes time to cook. My hog’s leg was 10 pounds and I cooked it for about 4 hours on the charcoal grill. It is important to get a leg that has skin and fat on it. The fat keeps it juicy and who does not love a crispy skin?

I made a video of this to show you exactly how to do it. Head on over to my YouTube Channel for more recipes like this and be sure to subscribe to get it right away in your in box.

Click here for Roast Pork recipe.