It is winter here in MN so that means all the grills have been tucked away and we will be hibernating until May of 2019. Goodbye sunshine and warmth. Bring on cold the faces, ears and icicles for feet!

For some people winter means skiing,building snowmen and ice fishing. Not me. No way are you getting this sweet summer child to go out on the ice to fish! The fish I get at whole foods is just as good for me!

But I do love going to the movies in the winter. I mean it is still a fortune to buy a bag of popcorn and a water but at least its inside where it is warm.

Speaking of movies, I took my monster and her gang to go see The Hate U Give. We both read the book and wanted to see that movie. I strongly believe in reading the book first before seeing the movie. My thoughts on the movie…

Interesting? It told the view point of a police officer, a black police officer no less. But it also showed the point of the witness. I don’t want to give it away and ruin it for those of you who have yet to see it. What I took away from it…my monster wants to protest, and I admire her for that, but at the same time as a parent I know that protesting can get violent and she could get hurt. That is my issue. Have a voice but it must be peaceful.

The movie did not bash the police or the victim so don’t go see the movie with that in your mind. Be open minded. Try to look at both sides.

And while you are doing that, eat some of these sweet, spicy sticky drumsticks! These were so easy to make and I literally popped it in the oven and that is lunch all week for me. Now if you guys missed me…I will be raking leaves.

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So I usually try to not write about politics or about personal issues on my blog. Trying to keep it PG and not about life’s issues…other than the raking of the leaves issue of course.

But I am rather curious to hear other people’s view on this. I recently had an issue where someone kept asking me out at work via email. So I would get an email every day asking me out to lunch. This went on for a few months. So it would be he would email me lets say today and I would not respond for about 3 days, granted where I work you can see if that person is online at their desk. So he was aware that I was at work and getting his emails.

My thinking is that if i did not respond to you, then that is an automatic no i am not interested. Apparently that does not mean no. I finally responded saying hey I am not interested, I have a BF. That at least should have meant NO right?

Well it got to the point of me having to go to my manager who then filed a complaint with HR. As that is our company’s policy. I was not angry or upset or afraid of this person. I simply did not want to go out or have lunch with them. And I did not want to make an uncomfortable situation more uncomfortable by being mean and aggressive.

Anyhoo, HR got involved and you know what is weird? He said to me that is not sexual harassment. Now I am not going to agree or disagree with that statement because honestly I have no idea what sexual harassment entails! And that is my question. What does it mean?

And while you ponder on that, I am going to share with you one of my most favorite recipes or dishes. Curry Stew Conch, for when you cannot decide if you want curry or stew to eat.

There is a fine line between getting this dish correct. If you burn your sugar too much then you will ruin the taste of the dish. You must know when to add the curry to the sugar. Of course that is the only reason i made a video of it for you! Cause I am cool like that. I know when to add curry to my stew, but not what is considered sexual harassment!

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Well we have not seen the sun here in Minnesota for like 3 days. Of course I should not be complaining because I actually love when it rains and there is a massive hurricane in Florida.

However this is that time of the year once again when I have to rake up a zillions bags of leaves. Not fun. I just think about all that time I waste every year raking up leaves. I could so be laying on my couch neflixing and chilling.

Funny joke, I got some new neighbors this past Summer and lucky for them there are no trees in their yard so they don’t have to worry about picking up a 100 bags of leaves….or so they think!

I was out mowing my lawn earlier this week and I saw one of the neighbors outside sucking up leaves from their yard with this thingy…you know what I am talking about. And I could not help but chuckle because dude has no idea just how many times he will be doing that cause all the leaves from my yard blows into his. Of course all the other neighbors leaves blows in to my yard too! Its a vicious cycle. A funny vicious cycle until l have to haul out 24 bags of leaves to the curb.

So as everyone knows I do a few recipes every month for 196flavors and this month in case you have not figured it out yet, This month we are doing Cuba! How awesome was that Cuban black beans and rice? If you missed it, be sure to check that out.

This week I did Ropa Veija and guys it did not disappoint! Have you ever heard about a dish called old clothes? Well this is it! Ropa Veija is actually commonly known as old clothes! You want to know why well heck head on over to 196flavors to find out! I got the whole history and stuff written up over there.

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When you try this Ropa Veija, pair it with the Cuban Black Beans and Rice. They go great together!


I know a lot of us loves a good one pot dish. Especially people who are busy and just do not have the time or need to get home from work, and start cooking 3 different pots at the same time.

Well I have a great one pot rice dish for you today! Cuban Black Beans and Rice!

Not only is this a hearty meal on its own, it can be made ahead of time and served at room temp. I love a good rice dish. It serves so many purposes and save time. If you have pot luck at work, what a great dish to throw in the crockpot and take to the office.

You could also use canned beans for this dish. I made the video of how I did my black beans and rice below. For this recipe though head on over to 196flavors and learn more about the history of this Cuban dish and how it came to be. It is quite an amazing story.

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From one extreme to the other. From Oxtails in Spain to Cookies and Cream Cake in cold, rainy Minnesota! That is how I roll.

Who else watches these cooking videos on youtube or facebook and say to yourself, I could make that! Look, the people who make those videos make it look incredibly easy! Until you have to do it yourself and you find sticky milk all over the kitchen or your hair for days!

I can spend hours on youtube or facebook watching and thinking up new ways to make my videos.Well the other day I was on facebook watching one of those said videos and I came across this particular recipe. I have done 2 other ice box cake recipes on my blog before. Just click on the recipe link to check those out.

Those two came out great. So when I saw this one I thought for sure I could do that! So I set about trying to make this awesome recipe. First off I know for a fact I have seen dulche de leche at the grocery store before. Well lo and behold, there was none to be found at any of the stores around me! Okay plan B. I looked up how to make it online, one person suggested popping a can of condensed milk in the oven for 1:30 mins, submerged in water.

Okay simple enough, I could do that. What they did not say was that the can kept getting bigger and bigger in the oven and for fear of it exploding everywhere, I removed it maybe a little to soon.

Once it cooled enough to pry open, It was Caramel and brown enough for me. If you are going to make this recipe, follow a proper recipe or try to find the actual pre-made dulche de leche. It out there!

Anyway, a few hours after making this and I am ready to test it out. I am going to confess I am not a sweet tooth person. Nor do I do dairy or any thing ice cream related. This dessert was freaking sweet! This is definitely for the sweet tooth people out there. Just when you are serving this, remember small doses!

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Click here for this sweet ass Cookies and Cream Cake recipe.