While everyone is celebrating Valentines Day, I am over here missing Ash Wednesday in Trinidad. This is usually the day after Carnival Monday and Tuesday and everyone back home heads to the beach or to the river to make ‘a cook’.

A ‘cook’ in Trini term means you are going to cook your meal, usually some kind of curry or broth (soup) at the beach. And its normally cooked over a thrown together fireside. With wood and bricks/huge rocks.

Nothing beats the taste of a good spicy curry cooked over a wood fireside! Damn I can taste it now. Oh how I miss Carnival in Trinidad. I miss the food and the music and the atmosphere. Seeing all the bands, hearing the loud music from the big trucks.

Anyway in case you are wondering its 40 degrees here today in MN and that to us is summer right there! No beach, but I did make the best darn Curry Goat ever! I have made 2 other Curry Goat recipes on here already, but each one is different.

The green seasoning remains the same, as any true Trini will use green seasoning in every meat they cook. In this recipe I added Anchor Masala and roasted geera powder which is local to Trinidad cooking. It gives the meat a smokey flavor.

Not everyone will eat spicy food, in my green seasoning I added peppers and this is why I used Thai chili peppers. As I do have a monster that loves her curry, and she can handle her heat, just at a certain level. It was so hard to edit this video as it only made me hungry.

I will make another Curry Goat recipe, but next time I will cook it in my Tagine, stay tuned for that.

I hope you have been loving the videos and I am trying to make sure I tape each recipe I make so you at least have an idea of how to make my dishes.

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Click here for Trini Curry Goat recipe.

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There is this Ethnic restaurant/grocery down the street from me and I usually pick up these pre-made kebabs, that comes frozen and I just pop it in my oven and in 12 minutes I have delicious kebabs.

The story of my life, whenever I find something that I like, it always goes away, and just like that poof…they no longer stocked those kebabs that I so loved. They did a different brand instead which I tried, but it was not good at all.

This sad story lead me to the lab, my kitchen. I tried this recipe a few times with different types of meat and spices, honestly, organic, grass fed ground beef made this taste even better. You can mix a 50:50 ratio of lamb and beef, but I chose to just do straight beef.

I made fresh pita bread to wrap around these delicious kebabs, stuffed with cucumbers and lettuce. A fantastic, week night dish that can be made in a jiffy!

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Click here for Beef Kebabs recipe.


Now that we have Super bowl 500 behind us and the Eagles flew above the patriots we can get back to normal around here.

I am pleased to say the day before the Super bowl we had a nice 3 inches of fluffy white snow and the day of super bowl, we were in the minus temps. So our visitors had a great taste of our Minnesota Winter.

Today I am sharing one of the most popular dishes on my blog. it has gotten over 40,000 pins on Pinterest and over 200 shares of facebook. I had no idea this recipe would be that popular. In light of that I wanted to make a video showing how to make it.

At one point in the video my camera was tilted a little, as I had my little Elmo (he loves Elmo) in the room with me and he is fascinated by my camera and wanted to touch it. I just did not notice that he moved it.

Anyway you can still see the whole thing. It is an incredible easy to make dish. The paste itself is the only part that requires a few ingredients. Fresh Halibut is the key to this dish.

I hope you enjoy this video and the recipe.

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Click here for the Halibut with Thai Red Sauce recipe.

Whose ready for Super Bowl 119! Yeah I have no idea what number super bowl it is, I don’t get why it has to be in that numeral thingy. What I do know is…are you ready for this? Its in Minnesota! Whats the big deal? I live in Minnesota. yes I am in that frozen tundra right now!

I am not kidding you when I say my normal paying job is literally 3 blocks away from the stadium. Talk about Super Bowl Pandemonium going on all week. I am lucky enough to get to work from home during this time. They have all the streets around the stadium closed off and there are activities going on 11 days prior to the big game.

What to expect if you plan on coming to Super Bowl 220? Its going to be cold. Like single digits cold. if you plan on driving while here…get ready for some black ice on the roads, if you will be walking around, yep there is dirty black ice on the sidewalks too. Now if you have no idea what black ice is, its those chunks of ice on the streets that will be there until summer, and you don’t see it and it causes you to slip and fall which ,makes the chiropractors filthy rich or you end up driving into walls on the freeways. But fear not…because Minnesota is not only known for its cold ass winters, but we are known for our skyways!

You can take the skyway all the way through all the activities and even walk all the way to the stadium all without stepping outside. What else can you expect, don’t come here with your little outfits and a light jacket. You will need full winter gear people. I am talking hats that cover your ears, gloves to keep your hands warm and from getting frost bite, a really good heavy jacket. Good sturdy, walking boots that will keep your tootsies warm. And you will need at least 10 minutes before going anywhere just to put on all that clothes!

For you brave drivers, there will be no parking anywhere close to the stadium. if you happen to find a parking meter or a ramp with parking be prepared to pay at least an arm, a leg and maybe a kidney for 1 hour. That is not an exaggeration.

Restaurants…we have great food here, just don’t expect to get into any restaurant without booking it like a year ago.

Want to take in the actives, good news we will have everything ice and cold related. After all we are a frozen state. We will have ice sculptures, ice skating, ice fishing, some kind of ice skiing thing down the middle of the street and last but not least, concerts out in the fresh, cold, frozen open air! YAY!!!

Lastly, please don’t expect us to be saying things like “sure”, yah betcha, or anything like that Fargo TV Show. We do not speak like that!

Now if you are like me and planning on hunkering down in the comfort of your home, in front of your big screen TV to watch the big game, do I have a recipe to share with you. Donuts. Not just any old donut recipe, these are the best darn Copycat Krispy Kreme Donuts this side of MN.

They are light, fluffy and they taste like a wee bit of heaven. I even made a video of exactly how you should make this. Check it out below. If you like this video, go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get the latest recipes.

In the meanwhile you can get this Copycat Krispy Kreme Donut recipe here.

Chat with you after Super bowl 501!

Hi all!

Are you into the full swing of your New Years Resolution? Are you keeping to them?

One of my goals (not resolutions) is to try to blog more and to make more videos and post more recipes. Its very challenging with MN weather where it gets dark by 5pm. I literally get to work in the dark and get home when its dark. That leaves little to no time to take pictures.

As you can see in this video I ran out of light towards the end as well. But I did promise to share this video with you a month ago. It looks time consuming but if you gather your ingredients and try to go in order its actually not bad.

And this is one of those that you can prepare ahead of time and bake the next day. This Rigatoni pie was so delicious though. The red meat sauce you can use on anything! If you have any left over, you can serve it over the pie and its breadsticks.

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Click here for the recipe for Rigatoni Pie.