Today we are cooking up a batch of my all time favorite food! Yup its hot sauce, but not just any hot sauce, this is a Trinidad Hot Pepper Sauce. This is a sauce that will not only spice things up, but put flavor on your plate.

There are hot and there is hot flavor. Hot is just burn your taste buds off. Hot flavor means the heat enhances the flavor of the food. Then there are people who can’t eat black pepper or ketchup! If thats you, then stay away from this sauce.

I grew all the peppers in my garden that went into this sauce. I had seven trees that I grew from seeds and they are still producing! I got 10 small jars of pepper sauce. That is a good crop if you ask me.

I am that woman that never leaves home without her hot sauce in her purse! I am not kidding you. I cannot eat my food without a little heat. I grew up eating that every day of my life so its only natural that I will love it as an adult.

There is no Trini home that is without hot peppers or hot sauce. There are hot sauce vendors that makes this at home and sells then on the sides of the road or in the market. This is how I make mine. I use vinegar because it lasts me a year or more. If I am only making a small batch for a month, I use lime juice instead of vinegar. It has a completely different flavor.

Make sure you wear gloves when making this, or you will regret it.

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Hi there again!

I am back! Not that I went anywhere. I was still right here, though I was not in the mood to cook! Yes even foodies like myself get into a slump and don’t feel like cooking of blogging or talking.

I have not posted anything in a full month, holy Hannah!

The inspiration for this recipe came from fellow food blogger RecipeTinEats. Check her out she is amazing! She made this Potato Parmesan Dish, that looked super delicious and I knew I must try some version of it as you know what potatoes and carbs to me. I would be in the gym for a full month just working 1 portion of that off.

I grow Brussel Sprouts in my garden, if you can believe that. It has always been a favorite vegetable of mine.a lot of people don’t know what it is or won’t eat it, simply because they may have had it boiled. Boiled is Blah!

Try it this way, with the Parmesan Crust baked on it. Its crunchy and soft at the same time and the cheese gives it that extra bite to flavor town.

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Until we chat over the great wide web next time, stay hungry!

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Hi there!

There are some days when I simply do not have the energy to cook! Especially in the summer as it heats up the entire house! And yes I know that is why most normal people grill in the Summer!, But seriously, sometimes I need my rice fix.

This is why I can’t shake this tummy! Its because I have a serious obsession with all this carbohydrates!

I usually meal prep all my lunches and my breakfast during the week. Well this week I said to myself I am laying on the couch and not meal prepping. Instead I bought a weeks worth of Healthy Choices. Sadly those lunches have no taste! And I am hungry again an hour later.

You can’t win with those. Just like the lottery that I can’t win and hire my own private chef to make healthy food for me everyday!

Everyone is probably playing the lottery today too! Okay enough about money that I won’t win. I know a lot of you out there has had some form of this Beans and Rice dish. I have done other dishes like these before, however this time I added chicken to make it a one pot dish. I did not sear my chicken first cause I was trying to finish cooking quickly.

I would recommend you sear the chicken first to get some color on it. the color of the dish itself is not the most attractive, as the coconut milk lightens the bright color of the red beans.

Nevertheless this dish is really yummy and the smell of the fresh herbs cooking with the pork is unbelievable!

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I hate waiting on people. I hate when I tell someone a time to be at a certain place, to when to meet me and they don’t leave their house until 5 minutes before the meeting time! Its rude to keep someone waiting, especially if you don’t have a good excuse.

Like telling me that traffic was bad! That is not a good excuse, if you know that time of the day will have more traffic then leave a little earlier. I do not like to wait.

I am bringing you an awesome chicken wing recipe. Cause lets face it, who does not love a good chicken wing?

If you are grilling these, you must watch it, as it will go up in flames because of the sweetness in it. You can also bake these in the oven. I used a sweet chili sauce that I found in my local grocery in the ethnic isle. Add some Meyer lemon juice to help even out the sweetness, threw in some cayenne for spiciness and walla! You have the perfect sweet, lemony, garlic wings!

You are going to need extra napkins for this one.

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Hi there!

Welcome back, if this is your first time stopping by, then hold on to your seat cause you are in for a treat.

I have been testing and tweaking this BBQ Chicken recipe for a while now. My goal was to make it as easy and simple as possible with ingredients that I had in my fridge. I did not want it to get too out of control. I also wanted to make it in my oven, since I live in the coldest state and it helps in the winter months.

I first made it on my grill. While it tastes fantastic and it was super juicy, I had to constantly watch it in case the skin on my chicken went up in flames! Which is why the second go around, I decided to try it in the oven. It came out great! It did not lack for color either as you can see from the pictures.

Some ideas to eat this with, how about a simple mashed potatoes and salad! Date night dinner baby. Or better yet when you watching Game of Thrones sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see who is going to be killed off this week.

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