Some nights after a full days work at the office, working out twice for the day at the gym, dealing with the never ending winter in Minnesota, I just want to come home and throw together something that is quick and simple, yet delicious.

This was definitely one of those days. To start with my work laptop crashed big time and I was unable to get it back up and running. Which means I have to go into the office tomorrow, on a Friday. Normally that would be okay, but seeing as we are expecting a huge snow storm tonight into tomorrow…something like 16 inches then yup I am not happy about that.

The last thing I wanted to do was come home and try to cook a whole meal. In Trinidad when I was growing up, toast bread and butter with cheese, that was melted with a hot cup of tea was a little slice of heaven. And that is exactly what I needed tonight.

And since I am a big girl now, all grown up and stuff, I decided to up my Grilled Cheese sandwich game with adding in a fancy brie cheese, with delicious sweet, soft onions, spicy arugula and smoke ham shaved off the bone!

Talk about yumminess in one bite! It was so darn good!

And because I am a nice gal, I am sharing this recipe with you so you can make this as your fancy dinner tomorrow night! Just throw in a cold brew or a dirty martini and you are all set!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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Click here for Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe.

Easter maybe over, but these Hot Cross Buns are so good that you can literally make them anytime of the year!

Guys it is still winter in MN. Technically we are supposed to be Spring right now. But someone seriously forgot to tell Mother Nature that. We are expecting more snow…yes I said SNOW this weekend. My skin is dying for some warm sunshine already. I can hardly wait to complain about our 90 degree summers! I feel like a broken record talking about how cold it is.

This was the first year in 14 years that I did not do an Easter egg hunt for my monster. She is just too old and tall to do those anymore. I was so happy that she was not disappointed either as it totally snowed the day before and I was dreading going outside in the cold to hide 200 eggs!

While I dread the moody teenage years I am happy with some parts of it. Like this and her making her own breakfasts.

Even though I did not celebrate Easter like I normally do, I still wanted to cook up a feast. I wanted to make buns, but I did not want to put eggs in it. And I wanted that coconut flavor. This recipe came out way better than I expected. I basically used my dinner roll recipe with minor tweaks. I could not have been more impressed myself.

If you don’t want sweet in your buns, simply eliminate the glaze. I made some with the glaze and some without.

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Click here for Coconut Chocolate Hot Cross Buns recipe.

Growing up I did not eat beef or pork, in fact I did not start eating beef or pork until I was well into my 20’s! It was against our religion, and it still is! My parents and my younger brother still do not eat either.

What I ate back then I hated with a vengeance! My grandparents grew their own rice in a lagoon, and harvested it once a year.  It was kept in the huge wooden box beneath our house. I mean a huge 20 by 20 box! This rice is what we now call the real brown rice. It was organic brown rice, and I remember riding on the bull cart with my grandparents and and my brother and sister and going to the rice Lagoon to help harvest the rice.

Honestly I doubt we helped very much, if it rained the Lagoon would flood and fill up with water up to our knees. And so we would dive around in that dirty, brown water throwing a ball around or looking for tortoise’s. Fun times!

Anyway this brown rice we had year round! I hated it because we literally ate rice 7 days a week! When we did not eat that we ate roti. We ate roti with every different type of side dish that could go with it without meat. My grand mother would cook the green papaya to eat with roti and believe it or not it came out like pumpkin! Another favorite back then that she use to make was green bananas. I hated that back then, but I crave that today! Mainly because we cannot find the green, young bananas to make that dish.

Today, I love a good steak! I still don’t like pork chops or any type of pork unless it is stewed. And I don’t eat beef unless it is steak or maybe a sloppy Joe. I don’t like burgers.

My whole point to this story, what you did not like back then you may like today. Our tastebuds change as we get older. Also our cooking styles! I love anything that is one pot. Less clean up and it is quick. This Steak and Potato dish is an epic one pot dish! I cannot tell you how delicious it was. I surprised even myself!

I used a really good steak for my dish and paired it with a salad. Fantastic!

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Thank you for stopping by!

Click here for Steak and Potato recipe.

Hi there fellow foodies!

I had my little Elmo this past weekend and we are into the phase of potty training! He is going to be 2 in 2 weeks.

Last summer I hosted a BBQ and Kubes invited a few friends over. Two of the couples had kids around that age where they were learning to use the bathroom. I clearly remember the entire conversation going something like this “do you want to potty?”, after 5 minutes…another “do you want to potty”, one parent to the other, “how is your potty training going”?

I am not kidding you, the entire evening went like that! So when Elmo showed up on Friday, poor fella, I think I asked him every 10 minutes, do you want to pee pee or poo poo? When I finally got him to say yes, before we could reach the potty, guess what? Yup it was all over me! Luckily it was the pee pee and not the poo poo!

I just remember taking a whole weekend with the monster and she was potty trained. But you have to stick with it constantly for that entire weekend. I do not miss those days along with the sleepless nights! She is still a crabby tall human being! That will never change.

I love when she calls me from school and makes demands on what she wants to eat when she gets home. And let me tell you, Friday evenings, I better have her food ready! She is so cranky on a Friday after school. Bribery with food is how I survive the teenage years. If you have one of those teenagers in your home, try it!

This week I got the regular call that she wanted barfi. She first ate this in Trinidad when we visited for Diwali and my mom is a fantastic cook so of course I spend the majority of my time trying to get mine to be like hers because the Monster compares it and says, this does not taste like grandma’s!

I think I past this test this time with these sweet morsels! They are made during Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights or when there is a pooja/prays back home. Its the first thing everyone goes for in the parsad bag. And you only get 1 tiny square per bag. So its best to eat it right away before taking the leftovers home.

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Click here for Barfi recipe.


Whose bracket is also busted? Obviously mine is history. But I am still beating a particular bragger who thought he was going to get a free dinner from BWW! I get so excited at the beginning of the games, I start checking my bracket religiously throughout the day, then I get overly verbal at the TV like the teams can hear me! I know some of you do that too. Don’t pretend like I am the only crazy one.

I just got done watching Benji on Netflix, the new one that is. I am ready to run out and adopt a dog right now! If only I was not a cat person! I must not let my monster see that movie otherwise the whining to get a puppy will be endless.

Every country in the world probably have some version of fried rice. Its like the rice that keeps on going. In Trinidad the most popular is our Trini Chinese Chicken or Shrimp Fried Rice. Not too often do you hear about beef fried rice back home. When I go to my favorite Chinese take out place that I have been going to for 17 years, I am not kidding…17 years, I always, always get the same thing. Vegetable Fried Rice and Fried Chicken Wings. I don’t ever get anything else. I am a creature of habit. The monster refuses to eat Chinese food. She will only eat white rice with Beef and broccoli. Thats it. It drives me insane!

Today I am presenting you with Beef Fried Rice. I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and change things up. I tested this recipe and decided I did not like eggs in my fried rice. But please add it in if you like eggs. Just fry it first, then your beef.

It is recommended that you use day old rice, but honestly, I don’t see the difference in freshly made rice. My grandmother used to use day old rice all the time, mainly because she cooked so much and always had leftovers. She used to fry the rice with only eggs and onions…thats it! And we loved it. Off topic here, she use to make this macaroni with eggs and onions too with hot peppers. Dah-licious!

Funny how I used to not like those things back then but now I actually miss it! Okay back to Beef Fried Rice. You can use a beef chuck sliced thin, or you can just buy a steak and slice that like I did. You will have to use dark soy sauce to get the rice dark brown. But you only need a few drops, otherwise your rice will get black and taste bitter.

Whip up some of these Chinese Chicken Wings to go with this Beef Fried Rice and have a great takeout dinner at home!

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