Hey guys,

I know I have been missing in cooking once again! I was gone this time because my mom was here visiting for almost a whole month, which means she took over the kitchen. So I have not cooked in forever! What a great feeling. I got so lazy you would not believe it. I had to motivate my self just to start blogging again. Further more to get myself back into the kitchen.

But I am here now again…and hoping to get back into the swing of things. Its so hard though, I got spoiled with my mom cooking Trini food for a whole month. I am pretty sure I gained like 5 pounds in no time. And of course its is freaking cold here already in MN. We literally had like 2 days of summer!

I am pretty sure you are wondering what is this Tangzhong Milk Bread that I speak of.

Tangzhong is a warm flour and water paste or a water roux, traditionally used in China to make buns with a soft, springy texture and tiny air bubbles. It’s a mixture of 1 part flour to 5 parts water, cooked until the starches in the flour gelatinize and the mixture thickens.

It sounds intimidating, but really it is incredibly easy to make with pantry ingredients. I can guarantee you the softest bread you will ever make! It makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches.

Tangzhong is the method of making bread, and instead of water to bind the dry ingredients together we use milk plus milk powder. This bread also has a longer shelf life. It is also known as Hokkaido Milk Bread. If you follow me then you know I have ,made my fair share of breads and this is by far the most successful to date. Everyone who tried it was amazed at how soft it was. Check out the video below to see how I made mine. Stop by my channel and give it a thumbs up!

Click here for Tangzhong Milk Bread recipe.

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Ah how I love the smell of freshly baked bread! I love it even more in my belly. It does this happiness to my tummy.

I am a huge bread lover, I have made quite a few bread recipes over the past few years and I have loved them all. This particular bread I found online. It is called Windsor bread. I know it looks like a bread stick but it actually is not. In fact the difference with this bread is that it has milk powder and powdered sugar in it. So it is a bit sweeter than bread sticks. And it also takes less time than a normal bread would. So it is a bit more dense.

But equally delicious. I literally ate mine just like that hot out of the oven. But it would be so much better with some butter and jelly!

This is going to be a short post today as I am tired as heck! I have been getting up at 4 am every day to hit the gym. I know how crazy am I really? It literally gets to 3pm and I start looking at the clock thinking when is it normal for me to go to bed just so I can get enough sleep. Talk about old age catching up with me!

I hope you get to try this bread on your own. Check out the video on YouTube and give it a like and subscribe!

Click here for this Windsor Bread recipe.



Trinidad Chinese cuisine is a popular style of food resulting from a fusion of Chinese and West Indian cuisines. Trinidad food itself is a mixture of African, British, Indian, Spanish, French and Portuguese cooking style.

Wondering why there is such diverse mixture of cooking styles in Trinidad? Well in 1834, the black British slaves working in the Caribbean colonies were freed. That eventually created a labor vacuum that was filled by indentured laborers from India and Africa. A sizable portion of these immigrants were destined for Trinidad, Cuba, Jamaica and Guyana.

The menus of Caribbean Chinese restaurants are widely attributed to this diverse culture and food that the immigrants brought.

One of the most popular Trinidad Chinese recipes is Chowmein. This is not the crunchy Chowmein known in the Armerican and Chinese restaurants or home kitchens. This version of Chowmein is actually boiled, so that it is soft and pliable, then stir fried with various meats and vegetables.

Chowmein is usually accompanied by fried rice, potato salad, macaroni pie and fried chicken. This was a normal Sunday lunch growing up for me. It is a staple in Trini kitchens. Literally hundreds of little mom and pop stalls in Trinidad sell this dish on a Friday and Saturday night to make a little extra cash.

In fact I clearly remember buying for lunch in school and Bread and Chowmein that cost $1.50. talk about a carb on carb meal! Sprinkle on a dash of hot sauce and OMG, literally brings back childhood memories, of the bigger kids cutting in line in front of me, with my short self to get their Chowmein sandwich first, while it was hot and fresh!

So today I am sharing with you how to make this traditional Trini-Chinese side dish of Chicken Chowmein. You can use any meat you like or even remove it. I did add a bit of MSG as that is the way we make it back home and it really does taste different, but feel free to use this optionally.

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Click here for Trini-Chicken Chowmein recipe.


Oh goodness it has been more than a month since I have last posted any recipes.

It has been crazy to say the least. My dad passed away earlier this month and between the funeral and everything else that was going on, I was barely home to cook normal food for myself, further more for trying to cook for the blog.

During that time I am pretty sure we were eating fast food everyday! There was 1 point where we would eat McDonalds for lunch and then pizza for dinner! It was bad. My tummy was saying what the heck is going on. Very rare do I eat fast food and I clearly had my fill.

Once life slowed back down and had started to feel normal again, I was definitely craving my home cooked food. To me home cooked food is Dhal and rice with some sort of curry.

This Dhal recipe has been requested so many times that I finally decided to do it. I mean I literally eat Dhal at least once a week! When I did my low carb diet, I basically lived on dhal and drank it like a soup with a side of pickled mango.

There are many variations of Dhal or split peas. Like the yellow and the green. In Trinidad we use mainly the yellow. In fact I have never cooked with the green split pea. Split pea is not to be confused with lentils. It is two different beans.

It is important to “chunkay” your dhal after it is cooked. If you skip this step, trust me you will not get the same taste or results. Chunkaying is the common term we use in Trinidad that simply means, adding garlic to hot oil and placing the whole hot ladle with oil and garlic into the dhal. This causes the dhal to sputter and splash since it is oil and water meeting each other. Therefore it is important to place a lid over the pot at the same time you submerge the hot ladle into the dhal.

The most common way of eating dhal is with white rice and a side or vegetables or curry.

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Click here for Dhal or Split Pea recipe.



Hey guys!

Today I am sharing with you another amazing deep fried food! YAY.

Who does not like deep fried, meaty goodness with a side of crunch. Speaking of deep fried, have you been to the state fair where everything is on a stick? Well this is my idea of deep fried deliciousness on a stick! just put this Pork Lumpia on a stick and you got a piece of heaven in your tummy right there!

Last time I shared a Crab and Cream Cheese Lumpia, that was kind of a play on a crab and cream cheese wonton that I had. this version is the authentic version made with pork, cabbage and carrots. It is equally tasty and delicious.

This lumpia is different from an eggroll in that the meat is raw and it cooks as it Frys. In an egg roll the meat is usually precooked as an egg roll wrapper will fry fast than a lumpia wrapper does. Lumpia wrappers are really thin so be sure to NOT use egg roll wrappers for this recipe.

If you can find the lumpia wrappers that are individually wrapped, it will save you time and swear words. As the other ones that are all stuck together is hard to separate without breaking it.

Just imagine sharing this Pork Lumpia with a side of beef fried rice and chicken wings! Yum.

If you happen to try this recipe, drop me a comment on how it went!

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Click here for Pork Lumpia recipe.