I waited in line at the Mall of America with my Monster, because I love her to infinity and back, for 9 hours, just so she can get a picture with one of her idols! Longest wait ever!

Ever since my monster knew what Youtube is she has followed and watched all of this YouTube comedian Lilly Singh. She wrote and just released her new book and was touring promoting the book.

So like a good Auntie, I took off from work, picked her up early from school, ordered the book and proceeded to wait with hundreds of other parents and their teens for 9 plus hours!

We sat on that cold, hard floor, with no back support, my butt going numb within 10 minutes. We read our books, drank Starbucks, ate some snacks and still we had 7 hours left to wait! OYE

I would not have traded all that for anything in the world! Okay maybe a million bucks or even a little $100,000…I am not picky. That time spent with here was priceless! I got to talk about anything I wanted and ask her anything! She had nowhere to go! Ha! She was stuck with me for 9 hours too! Parents if you ever get the opportunity to do something like that with your kids, do it. Especially if they are at that age when they think they are too grown to spend any time with you.

Okay onto this recipe this week…I have good new and bad news…the good news is accompanying this recipe is a video I made of this Chocolate Cake! Yup you read that right. I made a video. It is not the most clean and fancy looking video as I am only now testing out how to put it all together. But I am still showing it to you. I will be making more and putting it on YouTube, so look for that coming soon.

In the mean time check out this Chocolate Cake recipe and Video.




Today we are talking Chicken of the Sea! Tuna baby. I know most of us are like super conditions about eating canned food versus natural food. People today are more focused on  non processed food. I mean lets face it, most canned and pre cooked foods are processed with additional additives.

But yah know what…sometimes when you are in a rush who the heck has time to buy fresh tuna, cook it and shred it to your needs. Definitely not me! I barely have time for Mr. Pouty Pants and I can never hear enough about it.

So when in a rush just crab a can of Chicken of the Sea which is my favorite brand of Tuna. I love the tuna in water versus the one in oil.

Chicken of the Sea Tuna is perfect for the Tuna-Ton recipe that I threw together on the fly for a quick appetizer. I opened up two of the easy to open cans of Tuna, drained all the water from it, cooked it up in some tomatoes, peppers and onions.

I took the cooked Tuna filling and placed it in some wonton skins and deep fried those little morsels and served it with a Sweet and Spicy tamarind sauce.


Click here for Tuna-Tons recipe.

IMG_1193 2


Do you have those moments, when you smell a certain scent or you eat something and it reminds you of another time past?

With food, this is how my family and my cricket family as well relate to out past. We can sit for hours and talk about what food we ate growing up in the Caribbean during Christmas time or on the weekends or what our mom’s used to make that was so good.

When I go back to Trinidad, I usually have a list of things that I must eat while I am home. I must eat everything my mom cooks, because she really is the best cook in the world. No matter how many times I try to replicate her cooking, I will never get it to be like hers. I also must eat out at all my favorite spots. This can be challenging as there simply are not enough hours in the day to eat my mom’s cooking and eat out as well.

Two of my most favorite snacks to eat when I am back home are Twinkies (made by Kiss) and Bourbon Biscuits. The Twinkies here are just not the same. At home it is made locally so it is different. That creamy white filling though…yum!

And my next favorite that I do stock up on and bring back with me is Bourbon Biscuit’s! I remember while I was in school, a pack of bourbon biscuits was 50 cents. It had 4 small cookies in each one. To explain what it is, its our Oreo cookie in Trinidad. But our biscuits derived from the English as we were ruled by them. During lunch time at school I always had a pack of bourbon biscuits and a cold Pepsi! That was lunch most days.

Like our kiss cakes (Twinkies) our biscuits are also made locally. To this day I still love my bourbon biscuits. The sad part is, there is no where I can find them where I am. When it can’t come to me, then I must make it. And this is exactly what I tried to do.

While it still does not taste like home, It certainly brought back some sweet memories.

Click here for Bourbon Biscuits recipe.

cookie 2

I am on call for my normal day job that pays the bills, this week and weekend. Its one of the only thing that I truly dislike about my job. Actually I take that back, what I dislike about being on call is that I somehow only get paged in the wee hours of the morning. The guys who were on call before my week, did not even get 1 page in the entire two weeks, but I go on call and the first day I get the weird calls. I mean really!

To help with my sadness of being on call, I eat Spaghetti! Because quite frankly Pasta heals all aches and gives you energy and it adds on the pounds directly to the tummy area, so eat at your discretion.

That being said, I cannot for the life of me recall eating Spaghetti while I was growing up! I know crazy right. We had noodles call macaroni, but its not your typical macaroni. Our Macaroni was long like a spaghetti, but more wide like the normal elbow macaroni. We used this to make something called Macaroni Pie, with lots of cheese.

Today, I made Chicken Spaghetti, because I did not want to go through the trouble of making meatballs. It came out great and my monster and her vegetarian friend gobbled it up. Spaghetti is on of the many only things they will eat without fussing about it. I usually just have to remove the sauce before I add the chicken to it for the vegetarian of course.

But you must give this a try for Dinner. It is easy, delicious, has meat and the kids will love it!

Click here for Chicken Spaghetti recipe.







Hello Spring!

Apparently Monday was the first day of Spring! Here in MN, though that is still left to be desired as we usually get a few days of snow in late April just to remind us about who is the boss, Mother Nature herself.

I cannot complain about what a fantastic winter we had this year though. Back in November we had 70 degree days and just last month we had some 60 degree weather which for us here is like Summer! People here seriously do break out the shorts and tank tops.

Spring is my favorite time of the year, because after 5 months of no rain, I am ready to hear it fall on my roof and have it beating against my window panes. It has to be the most relaxing and comforting sound to fall asleep to.

What is not comforting however is raising a teenager! I always tell my monster that I am going to college to live with her…although lately I keep asking myself, when is she going to go off to college already! I can’t handle the attitude and the constant reminding me that she is a teenager now, yet I still do her laundry and serve her, her food!

I wish there was a button in my house that I can press to turn off her phone and her internet without it affecting me. Is there a button that does that? Do Tell please!

I am trying to instill some of our Trini heritage into her, but its really hard to do that here in the US, with cell phones, 50 inch TV’s, all the fancy brand name clothing and shoes…and most importantly not being able to give her little behind a spanking!

When we were growing up, we got ‘lix’ daily with whatever my mom can get her hands on. We got ‘lix’ in school for running in the rain, or not having clean fingernails or having nail polish on them, your shoes had to be the correct color, no colored socks. You had to wear proper uniforms and your badge everyday.

I wish the schools here were like that. Although the monster do wear a uniform to school so I am at least happy for that. I wish I can deactivate her cell phone though…I am still working on that! Stay tuned!

While you are waiting for me to break into my Monsters phone, how about this very colorful Mexican Rice! I recently attended a girls night in and the menu was Mexican so I had to come up with a very quick, one pot Mexican rice dish. I would say I spent a maximum of 30 minutes making this dish from beginning to end. It is that easy and delicious.

Until then…Keep Drinking Water!

Click here for Mexican Rice recipe.

mexican rice 5

mexican rice 3

mexican rice 4