Hello lovely people!

How was your Easter? I trust that you made delicious a spread for your dinner or lunch. Went to church, maybe did an easter hunt and all that good stuff. The monster is no longer into easter hunts, thank god! Thats one less holiday I need to care about. So we now have eliminated Easter and Halloween…excitedly waiting for her to not want Christmas gifts anymore. Ha!

I am continuing with dessert. It seems the only time I want to eat dessert is when I am fasting. I rarely eat sweet stuff, but lately I feel like I must have something sweet in the night. These Strawberry Cream Cheese Muffins are just what I need. When I tell you these taste better the next day I am not kidding you. I made these on a whim, just trying to test out the ratios.

When it first came out of the oven, of course I immediately ate one, I mean I needed to test it an all that. It was so soft, I thought for sure it failed. But the next day after allowing it to cool in the fridge…oh boy was it perfect. It was soft, moist and the strawberry jam just put it over the top.

Kind of like a sweet and tart balance. If you are using fresh strawberries, please chop it before, otherwise it takes a lot longer to become jam-like. I used frozen and it was perfectly fine whole.

I thought about adding a sprig of mint to the jam, but did not in the end. If you happen to make it and do add mint, let me know how that comes out. I imagine it would give it a bit of freshness…

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Click here for Strawberry Cream Cheese Muffins recipe.


Do you have a Girl Scout Cookie dealer living in your neighborhood? I have a few of them. One is at work and you just cannot resist buying from them when the come around. I think I spend like $100 on just cookies during cookie season. Yes I call it cookie season.

True story, last year I was in my kitchen when a girl scout rang my door bell, I was doing one of my juice fasts at that time so I was trying to resist any temptation. I swear I hid when the little scout rang the door bell.

Of course lo and behold the monster sees her through her bedroom window and goes to open the door not realizing I was trying to hide from her! Needless to say, that diet failed after that as I ended up buying a few boxes of cookies. And yes it all went in my belly!

This year I had a game plan, I ordered my usual million boxes and decided to re-purpose it so I don’t end up eating all of it myself.

And what better way than to make a cheese cake! And let me tell you, this was one super delicious cheese cake. Those cookies with bits of chocolate was the perfect crust for this cheese cake.

In the video you will see me pounding the cookies to form the crust, please use a food processor if you have one. Cause that shit is time consuming and I think I build some muscles.

Be patient when it its baking. I was not and I kept opening and checking the oven, letting the hot air out. Be even more patient and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours. This was my first attempt at a cheese cake and it came out really well. So stay tuned for more cheese cake recipes.

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Click here for Cheese Cake recipe.


Have you ever been to New Orleans? Have you had their famous beignets? Well I have and it is light, airy and fluffy. Sounds like a poodle right?

Have you ever had crab cakes? I don’t mean those crab cakes that is chuck full of bread crumbs. I mean a good, study crab cake full of sweet jumbo lump crab meat, crab meat that costs a small fortune to buy.

Well this Spicy Crab Beignet is what would happen if a beignet and a crab cake had a baby. And let me tell you, it is incredibly delicious, like you will want to lick your screen delicious. You are going to take 1 look…not 2 but 1 look at this video and run right out and spend your entire pay check on some sweet jumbo lump crab meat. Because you are going to want to make these Spicy Crab Beignets yourself!

You will want to eat it all and not share with anyone else too. This is like the perfect snack for the coming winter storm that MN is about to get! Or better yet…for the Final season of Game of Thrones!

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Click here for Spicy Crab Beignets recipe.

I am finally finished with my weight loss challenge at the gym! YAY

I lost a total of 15 pounds, 5% body fat and 21 inches. That was in 9 weeks. I still need to lose 3-4 pounds for my final goal and I am still working on that, just not as aggressively as I was in the challenge.

What I did to lose the weight? I am a naturally small, petite person so it is incredibly hard to lose those few pounds. I had to dig really deep to lose what I lost. I work out like a mad lady already so that was not going to help me get to where I wanted to be.

I had read and heard about the intermittent fasting, I mean who has not? Its everywhere! I read up on it and decided to give it a go. I was only going to try to do the fasting from 8pm at night to 2pm the next day. I was shooting for 5 days a week, and giving myself a break on the weekends.

The first day…by 9am, I started to get hungry, as I usually ate a small breakfast. By 10 am, All I could think about was food! I was drinking a lot of water and tea. I think I drank about 6 cups of tea that day! I had worked out that morning and let me tell yah, the food wishes I had during that timeframe was crazy!

I did that for the first week. I lost about 1 pound…I was like wtf? 1 pound! Is this really worth it? I mean I was hungry all the time for that first week.

The second week I decided to go harder, and only eat 1 time a day! I was fasting all day and only eating at 5pm each day. But I ate whatever I wanted to at that time. They say you could eat as many times as you like during your non fasting period. I did not do that.

I stuck to eating only 1 time and I made sure it was more on the healthy side. Yes there were times when I fell off the band wagon and ate popeyes or Chinese food…but I started right back up the next day.

Until slowly the weight started to come off to where other people could see it. I am still fasting until I get to my goal. Some of the side effects of fasting that I noticed. You get really cold during the day for no reason at all! You mind will play tricks on you, so that all you think about all the time is food.

Everything sounds amazing when you are fasting. Some pros, it does remove the weight eventually. You learn to eat only when you need to. Not when you think you are hungry.

You learn not to snack. You will get stronger and learn to work out while in a fasted state.

I actually saw huge improvement in this area. Before I could only do 40 pushups and after I was able to do 54 push ups in a minute. Again you have less weight to carry around. Water becomes your best friend. I drank so much water. Literally more than a gallon a day.

My gallon jug never leaves my side. If the gnawing in my stomach was too much to handle I would eat a banana ad have a cup of tea. Tea became my go to.

After about 3 weeks in I was a pro! I was not hungry all the time and I switched my 1 meal to only seafood as it takes less time to digest and break down.

And one of those seafood meals was these Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes! Lifesaver right here.

I ate these crab cakes with a healthy heaping of salad. And it was delicious!

I know people frown on putting bread crumbs in crab cakes, but I decided to try out using a tiny bit of Hawaiian buns instead, as it needed something to help hold it together. These worked great. It did not in any way hide the crab meat. One of the best crab cakes ever! Maybe I am biased because I was hungry when I ate these. Either way you be the judge. Give it a whirl.

And look I made a video of what I did to help you make your own. Now be a sport and head on over to my YouTube Channel and click on the subscribe button, because lord knows I need more followers.

Click here for Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes recipe.


Well now that my 9 week challenge at the gym is over I can now get back to the business of cooking and eating again!

Lost 14 pounds in 9 weeks! A lot of fasting went into losing those 14 pounds. Don’t worry my tummy still proceeds me into any room I enter (eye-roll)!!!

URG…when does that ever go away! Its so hard being a food lover and eating healthy. I had to limit myself to posting as when I did it would just make me hungry. But now that it is over how about these Greek Gyros?

I actually did this for 196flavors and it turned out incredibly delicious! I made my own homemade wraps for these gyros, because it is easier to wrap my meat in versus the store bought version that would break. I will post the recipe for that later on in the week.

In the mean time head on over to 196flavors for this Greek Gyro recipe and to learn all about gyros! I explain in detail how to make these gyros at home in a few different ways using different types of meat. It is a fantastic article of Greek Gyros!