This Stew Chicken is not to be confused with the American Chicken Stew. Two completely different dishes.

I was looking through my videos on YouTube…yes occasionally even myself look at my videos. I realized I have not posted one on Stew Chicken. How could that be? Stew Chicken is one of the most popular dishes in Trinidad. Without it we won’t make it through Carnival and many Sunday dishes!

Its the beginning of any Trini Pelau, another important dish in Trini culture. I have no remedied that. This Stew Chicken gets its color from browning sugar in oil. It does not use the browning in a bottle or soy sauce.

It is not sweet either because of the sugar, the sugar is actually melted and cooked beyond caramel flavor, but not burnt. If the chicken tastes burnt, then you browned the sugar too much. Once you have mastered the browning of the sugar part you will be amazed at the delicious chicken you have just cooked!

Make sure to look at the video prior to trying to make it. It shows you all the steps and what color to look for when you are browning your sugar.

Click here for Trini Stew Chicken recipe.


I know I am a day late and a dollar short…as Diwali was last week and here I am now posting a recipe pertaining to that. Typical Trini here.

You know how you see a whole turkey post like days leading up to thanksgiving from other bloggers, that is not me and it may never be. First of all I can only handle eating turkey once a year! Second I don’t have that kind of time to take pictures and video of me making my turkey on thanksgiving day! Not when I have 10 other dishes to make, play cards, drink beer, try to watch football so I feel like I am keeping up with the American tradition and on top of all that, I am expected to shower and comb my hair too!

If I make the turkey a month before, who is going to eat all that meat? Its not like they sell 5 pound turkeys.

That being said, now you all know why I am a day late and a dollar short on my Diwali post. I admire those people who fast for 3 weeks before Diwali and an extra week after the holiday. I went home a few years ago with the monster for Diwali, my mom made us fast for 2 weeks…that was rough. The monster was like, look there is only so much vegetable and roti I could eat, I need some meat.

If you were not brought up fasting often, it is going to be tough. Not when meat is cooked every day in a household. Its like giving up sugar for a month! Which my trainer now wants me to do…Errr…I can’t drink my tea without 2 splendors in it. Its like the only vice I have and I am not willing to give it up.

Okay so back to Diwali, it was on the 7th of November here in America. I had never made Parsad before and living in MN is it very rare you will ever get it to eat. My sister and my friend from Trinidad had given it a go this summer, all I am going to say is that was an epic fail! All they managed to do was make a royal mess in my kitchen.

So I decided to give it a go myself, see what all the fuss was about. You will build muscles making this dish. I grew up watching my mom and my grandparents make this in huge pots back home on the day of a prays, using big, long paddles to turn the flour. And they would switch out when someone’s hands got tired. I had to keep turning and turning for 20 minutes.

And of course what other recipes don’t tell you, is that once you add the paag, (that is the sugar, water and milk mix) that the flour doubles in size, and the paag, bubbles up and splatters everywhere! This did not happen before in Trinidad, because they are using ginormous pots, and its all outside they are cooking on portable stoves.

Parsad is such a heavy, carb loading dessert. It basically is flour, milk, ghee and sugar. All the things your doctor would tell you to stay away from. And here I am telling you it is worth the dirty stove and bloated tummies!


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Click here for Parsad recipe.

Who is happy to not be seeing all those political ads on TV anymore? I check it one night, there was at least 5 political ads in between each commercial. I am so tired of people on my facebook feed ranting about politics. We all want 2020 to come quickly, but I really don’t like seeing that stuff first thing in the morning.

Whats even worst, is when you go out and people dominate the conversation with talks of politics! It drives me insane. So to wrap this up…I am happy that elections are over!

Okay now that my rant is over, lets dive into this amazing recipe! I am always looking for a healthy option that will fill me up. And this Lasagna hit the ball out of the park! Its filling, its delicious and it has meat!

You will not miss the pasta in this dish trust me. This dish a like a main meal, just pair it with a salad and you have dinner and lunch.

The trick to this dish is to make sure you have very ripe plantains. the blacker the skin on the plantains, the sweeter it will be. Another tip, boil the plantains with with the skin on, it is way easier to peel and it won’t be watery.

Make the meat sauce however you like it, meaning use your preferred meat, like I used half Italian sausage. Use your favorite cheese as well. I even used the meat sauce like a sloppy Joe and ate some of it that way. I love sloppy joes! Another useful tip, allow the lasagna to cool a little before cutting it to get nice square pieces.

The original recipe for this is curtesy 196 flavors.

Check out the video for it below and be sure to hop on over to my Youtube Channel and subscribe for more great videos like this.

Click here for Pastelon recipe.


I know you guys must think I have a lot of time on my hands if I am sharing two recipes back to back!

I actually made this Yuca Patty last week for a friend of mine at work who was hosting a Halloween party last weekend. So I made it ahead of time and froze it and then he thawed it out on the day of his party and baked it in the oven for about 30 minutes.

So this is definitely one of those recipes that you can make ahead. It really is a tasty dish!

Yuca is a root vegetable and yes the local grocery stores do carry it. However if you happen to have an asian market around, they usually have the pre-cooked frozen yuca which is ideal for this dish. I have made this before on the blog, this is a bit different in maybe 1 – 2 ingredients.

Can you make this with mashed potatoes? Yes of course. But you will taste more of the potato than the filling. Whereas with the yuca it is not as noticeable.

Give it a try and judge for yourself.

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Click here for Yuca Patty recipe.


It is winter here in MN so that means all the grills have been tucked away and we will be hibernating until May of 2019. Goodbye sunshine and warmth. Bring on cold the faces, ears and icicles for feet!

For some people winter means skiing,building snowmen and ice fishing. Not me. No way are you getting this sweet summer child to go out on the ice to fish! The fish I get at whole foods is just as good for me!

But I do love going to the movies in the winter. I mean it is still a fortune to buy a bag of popcorn and a water but at least its inside where it is warm.

Speaking of movies, I took my monster and her gang to go see The Hate U Give. We both read the book and wanted to see that movie. I strongly believe in reading the book first before seeing the movie. My thoughts on the movie…

Interesting? It told the view point of a police officer, a black police officer no less. But it also showed the point of the witness. I don’t want to give it away and ruin it for those of you who have yet to see it. What I took away from it…my monster wants to protest, and I admire her for that, but at the same time as a parent I know that protesting can get violent and she could get hurt. That is my issue. Have a voice but it must be peaceful.

The movie did not bash the police or the victim so don’t go see the movie with that in your mind. Be open minded. Try to look at both sides.

And while you are doing that, eat some of these sweet, spicy sticky drumsticks! These were so easy to make and I literally popped it in the oven and that is lunch all week for me. Now if you guys missed me…I will be raking leaves.

Click here for Sticky Baked Drumsticks recipe.

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