Have you guys heard about that polar vortex that hit the Midwest? Well guess what? That was freaking MN. First it started off with freezing rain, they we hit -50 degrees to freeze your face off, then it snowed a billion inches on top of the ice, then it warmed up to 40 degrees and then it froze again and snowed again!

Talk about a miserable January and February and its not even over yet! I mean the first sign of snow or rain and people drive like they are crazy, just imagine how they were driving those past few weeks! The tow companies and mechanics are getting their pennies worth for sure.

I have also been doing this intermittent fasting for the past 5 weeks. Its crazy how much my life revolves around food! I am okay until like 11 am and then people at the office start eating their lunches and I am like dying over here. After my fast is done I will write a post about how it went, pros and cons.

But in the meantime…I am inhaling this Japanese Chocolate Raspberry Swiss Roll Cake!

This cake only has 1/2 cup of cake flour. The fluffy texture comes from beating the eggs. So don’t skimp on that step. Of course I made this while fasting, so to me or my mind, this is a healthy cake!

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Guys let me tell you all about this one time I went on a horse and rode a jeep through Sedona, AZ.

I spent last weekend in Arizona and took a drive up to Sedona while there. Sedona is a beautiful little tourist town with red rocks!

I don’t know why I thought it would be a fun adventure to take a jeep tour into the Sedona rocky mountains! I was picturing this road through the mountains that the jeeps would drive through, a few stops, some quick pictures. Nice little tour.

What I got instead was, heated seats, on the back of an open jeep with 6 other people. Why heated seats when it is Arizona? Well, at such a high altitude, baby it was cold! And even colder driving around in an open back jeep! I was bundled up.

I quickly warmed up as we headed into the mountain area and saw there was no actual roads! It was these little tracks covered in huge rocks that we had to drive over! At one point we crossed over the skinniest trail overlooking a huge cliff! Yes my heart was hammering away which quickly warmed me up!

I believe the driver was showing us what a jeep can actually do. Because he seemed to enjoy hearing me swear over and over again. I will not be doing that again!

The next day at the crack of dawn we decided to do horse back riding on the trails. I am thinking okay this is definitely going to be better, with no jerking and being thrown around a jeep.

We got there early, Sugar Kubes and I, its about 45 degrees, with a brisk wind to our backs. First off, it smells, it smells really bad. Like this farm was built on poo not rock and roll!

Secondly, the horses was not clean! I mean they looked like they were rolling in the poo! I kid you not. Okay so this little Trini girl has never been on a horse. Up close those beasts are so intimidating! They give you a horse based on your weight. So I was paired up with a very calm, docile, lovable girl named Mary. She was in her early teens. Apparently they can live up to 25 to 30 years.

Now I am thinking there must be some bench or big rock that I can use to boost myself onto my saddle. Nope! No such thing at this farm. I had to hop around and hold onto my saddle and pull myself onto my saddle. When I finally got on my horse, holy hannah, it was high up! I kept thinking if I fall off this horse, its a long way down and I will be splat on rocks and poo!

I actually paid for this too! So the instructor gave us some brief instructions on how to go forward, turn left and right and stop the horse.

We started out at a slow trot. I was seriously shaking in my sneakers! And it had nothing to do with the 40 degree weather! We get out of the drive way and I take one look at the trail and said, yup I am going to die today! This poor horse had to go down a very rocky hill that looked like a mountain to me!

The horse in front of me kept slipping on the rocks and I kept saying my prays that Mary would not! We meandered our way through a lot of up hills and down hills all very rocky terrain. Did I take in the beautiful surroundings? No, because I was too busy keeping my eyes on the ricks in front of me.

When we got back and I was safely on the ground, my thighs was so sore, from squeezing the horse so that I keep from falling off to my rock poo filled death!

Would I do that again? If the terrain was smooth, maybe. And that is a huge maybe!

I think I am going to stick to cooking. Like these beautiful Spinach and Artichoke Pockets!

This I know and feel safe doing. You can totally use your own pita bread recipe and even your own filling recipe. I made these to take to a Christmas event a few weeks ago. It was so good! I mean who does not love warm pita bread with a dip! This is the best of both worlds!

Unlike that jeep tour and Horse back riding, where I can’t decide which was more scary!

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I am so sorry to the folks that are trying to eat healthy and here I am tempting you with these nice looking muffins. I mean look at it! Its freaking drool worthy right? Its light, airy and moist.

There will not be any choking down of these muffins. They are just that moist. I don’t usually make desserts. I am just not a sweet tooth kind of gal. I am a spicy kind of diva. But I have been wanting to try my hands at muffins for a wee bit now.

Of course I choose the one weekend that we have a cloudy, dreary day to make this video. So sorry about the lighting. I swear it was about 11 am in the morning when I started to make these.

In the video you will see that I used my hands and muscles to cream together every thing. But please feel free to use a hand mixer. I was trying to get a workout in without having to go to the gym so I can eat these muffins guilt free.

Super simple recipe, if you can’t find wild berries, use blueberries. Wild berries are just smaller. I think having the cream cheese cold will be easier to handle. Make up a batch of these for your kids  or your office next potluck.

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It has been a very cold few days here in Minnesota. Like everything is iced over on the ground, makes for a fun drive around.

Are you keeping to your new year resolutions or have you broken it already? Its tough eating healthy! I mean there is only so much lettuce I can eat. And really who likes chicken boob? Chicken boob is an acquired taste if. you ask me.

Over the Christmas holiday I did this super delicious recipe for 196 flavors, Yuca con chicharron. Simply put in English, yuca with fried pigs skin or pork belly. If you have never had chicharron, then you maybe missing an integral part of your diet. if you have never had yuca or cassava as it is more commonly known in the Caribbean then where have you been?

There is this dish in Trinidad called boil and fry cassava…OMG yum! You boil the cassava, until it is soft and mushy, then you fry it with onions, peppers and loads of creole butter and serve it with curry chicken.

Can you tell I have been eating healthy the last two weeks? Because everything sounds good to me right now!

Okay so for the yuca con chicharron, you can either fry the boiled yuca, which makes for one of the bets tasting fries you will ever eat or you can serve it simply boiled.

The chicharron is a bit more in debt and takes a bit of time. Word to the wise, the pork skin will pop, crackle and smash oil everywhere, so be very care full. A trick to this is to boil it first until it is very tender, cut it into pieces, add a teaspoon of corn starch to it then fry it.

Corn starch will make it extra crisp. Pork belly is hard to find sometimes, but most grocery will have fresh ham hock. Boil it in the same way, until it is falling off the bone, then cut and fry it.

Otherwise on your next trip to El Salvador, be sure to check out this at one of their local restaurants.

Head on over to 196 flavors, for this recipe and for a full explanation of how this recipe came  about.


If anyone has been to Trinidad especially around carnival time, then you would have eaten this Pelau, in addition to doubles, callaloo and crab or crab and dumplings.

Callaloo and crab is considered the national dish of Trinidad, but a Trini Pelau is considered the national dish of a Trini lime! I have made this dish before on the blog and it was actually the first video I did for my Youtube Channel. Of course back then I was a rookie and had no idea how to get the steam off my camera and we won’t mention the bad angle of the camera.

I wanted to redo this recipe as it is a staple in my recipes. I make this whenever I need a quick one pot meal. You can use pigeon peas or you can use black eye peas. Anyone of the two will work just as well.

When we would go to the river or to the beach to make a cook, this or fish broff (broth) was a must cook.  Fresh coconut milk will make this dish over the top!

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