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There are some days when I simply do not have the energy to cook! Especially in the summer as it heats up the entire house! And yes I know that is why most normal people grill in the Summer!, But seriously, sometimes I need my rice fix.

This is why I can’t shake this tummy! Its because I have a serious obsession with all this carbohydrates!

I usually meal prep all my lunches and my breakfast during the week. Well this week I said to myself I am laying on the couch and not meal prepping. Instead I bought a weeks worth of Healthy Choices. Sadly those lunches have no taste! And I am hungry again an hour later.

You can’t win with those. Just like the lottery that I can’t win and hire my own private chef to make healthy food for me everyday!

Everyone is probably playing the lottery today too! Okay enough about money that I won’t win. I know a lot of you out there has had some form of this Beans and Rice dish. I have done other dishes like these before, however this time I added chicken to make it a one pot dish. I did not sear my chicken first cause I was trying to finish cooking quickly.

I would recommend you sear the chicken first to get some color on it. the color of the dish itself is not the most attractive, as the coconut milk lightens the bright color of the red beans.

Nevertheless this dish is really yummy and the smell of the fresh herbs cooking with the pork is unbelievable!

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Click here for Jamaican Beans and Rice recipe and Video.


I hate waiting on people. I hate when I tell someone a time to be at a certain place, to when to meet me and they don’t leave their house until 5 minutes before the meeting time! Its rude to keep someone waiting, especially if you don’t have a good excuse.

Like telling me that traffic was bad! That is not a good excuse, if you know that time of the day will have more traffic then leave a little earlier. I do not like to wait.

I am bringing you an awesome chicken wing recipe. Cause lets face it, who does not love a good chicken wing?

If you are grilling these, you must watch it, as it will go up in flames because of the sweetness in it. You can also bake these in the oven. I used a sweet chili sauce that I found in my local grocery in the ethnic isle. Add some Meyer lemon juice to help even out the sweetness, threw in some cayenne for spiciness and walla! You have the perfect sweet, lemony, garlic wings!

You are going to need extra napkins for this one.

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Click here for Sweet lemony Chicken Wings recipe.

Hi there!

Welcome back, if this is your first time stopping by, then hold on to your seat cause you are in for a treat.

I have been testing and tweaking this BBQ Chicken recipe for a while now. My goal was to make it as easy and simple as possible with ingredients that I had in my fridge. I did not want it to get too out of control. I also wanted to make it in my oven, since I live in the coldest state and it helps in the winter months.

I first made it on my grill. While it tastes fantastic and it was super juicy, I had to constantly watch it in case the skin on my chicken went up in flames! Which is why the second go around, I decided to try it in the oven. It came out great! It did not lack for color either as you can see from the pictures.

Some ideas to eat this with, how about a simple mashed potatoes and salad! Date night dinner baby. Or better yet when you watching Game of Thrones sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see who is going to be killed off this week.

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Someone is getting her new Bracers today! She is so excited for it too. My poor Baby Girl has no idea what 2 years of pain she is in for. She has already picked out her color and all.

I remember from when I had mine, every 3-4 weeks those tightenings was not fun. The sores on the inside of your mouth, and whats worse is not being able to eat corn or popcorn.  For 6 weeks I could not eat anything solid.

So today I have to make sure I prepare a lot of soft food for her that she can eat. And to be sure, when my monster is hungry, she is one crabby little lady!

Before we start eating all soft food though, how about this Cajun/ Dirty Rice. The monster loves dirty rice! its the only thing she eats at Popeyes. So of course I had to try to recreate it. I did not tell her that there are Chicken Livers in this though. Otherwise there was no way she was touching that with a 10 foot pole!

I do promise though that you won’t even taste the livers in this dish. It really came out way better than I had expected. Do give it a try.

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It has been a long week! Every time I am on call for work, I swear the week takes twice as long! And of course it would not be a good on call unless I get paged a few times at 3 am in the morning.

A while back I went to a family reunion with Mr. Pouty Pants and one of his sisters brought this amazing Cream cheese grape dessert. Of course I had to have it and put my own twist on it. First off it is super healthy without missing the sugar, secondly it literally takes 5 minutes to throw together.

In the original recipe it called for sour cream, I used low fat vanilla yogurt instead. I reduced the sugar in it dramatically and topped it with a crunchy granola!

I called a Blueberry Grape Cream Cheese Dessert. I have no idea what the real name is or should be. Of course I also added in the blueberries. The original recipe only had grapes.

I felt like I was eating a cream cheese cake with a burst of berry flavor.

In the video below, I simply updated one of my current recipes on the blog. Green Seasoning is something I use in almost every one of my dishes. You can modify this recipe and add different herbs to it as well. I just like to keep mine simple to not mess with the flavor of my dishes too much.

Click here for Blueberry Grape Cream Cheese Dessert and a video on making my Green Seasoning.

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See you soon!