Growing up in Trinidad, my grandmother had at any given time about 14 mouths to feed. I am not kidding you! She had 11 boys and girls, plus my sister, brother and myself and any of her children that was already married and would pop in to eat from time to time.

She would come up with the weirdest food to eat. Actually we grew our own rice. What you call wild rice here, my grandparents grew back home and we literally ate wild rice 7 days a week! I will not eat wild rice today.

We had greed bananas, sautéed with onions and garlic and peppers. That was actually pretty good and I still crave that today. Another dish she used to make was sautéed green papaya, and she would add a little sailfish to it and eat it with roti.

If you have never cooked papaya, it melts just like pumpkin or squash. The taste is very similar as well. The papaya must be green however. The seeds has to be white on the inside. A ripe papaya will have black seeds.

For this Papaya Salad you must use a green papaya. You can also add in a green mango. I added carrots to bring in some color. This salad was so refreshing and crunchy. It pairs well with a rice piece of meat like steak or even a risotto.

You can find green Papayas in any Asian grocery stores in your area. Give it a try and let me know how it came out for you!

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It is so cold in Minneapolis! You would think it is fall already. I just need at least 1 more month of Summer. Just like I want a job where I am no longer on call, I want to live where there is no winter. I am okay with Spring, Summer and Fall! Although in my next post you will certainly hear my rant about raking all those darn leaves in my yard!

Now rain…I would love if it would rain all night long! This is the perfect fall recipe!

Tumeric is what we Trini’s call saffron back home. However saffron actually comes from a flower whereas Tumeric is a root. Growing up we actually grew our own turmeric. It looks like ginger root, but its thinner and smaller and its orange looking in color.

I used Tumeric to change the color of this rice dish. If you are vegetarian or looking for a vegetarian rice option, remove the chicken from this recipe. This is a fantastic One Pot Dinner idea or a lunch idea. All in one, less cleanup and its easy!

Click here for Mushroom and Tumeric Rice recipe and video.

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I recently attended a wedding with my Sugar and we started wondering how much does it really cost to have a wedding. Okay so maybe it was just me really wondering that. This wedding had 250 guests, it was at a golf club and it had a few groomsmen and bridesmaids…that adds up.

Do I really want to spend all that money on 1 day? I am not saying its not fantastic to have a beautiful wedding where you can enjoy that day with family and friends, but darn its expensive!

How will I afford the honeymoon after paying for 250 guests! Never mind the DJ, the dress, the drinks, the makeup etc…

I think I would prefer saving my money and going on a trip of a lifetime! Bora Bora here I come!

Speaking of cheap and no hassle, how about this breakfast Frittata! As the recipe says, its a dump Frittata, which means you literally dump everything in one, pop it into the oven and in 30 minutes or less you have a full breakfast ready! No hassle, only 1 pan and you can use anything in your fridge!

Click here for Dump Frittata recipe.

Today we are cooking up a batch of my all time favorite food! Yup its hot sauce, but not just any hot sauce, this is a Trinidad Hot Pepper Sauce. This is a sauce that will not only spice things up, but put flavor on your plate.

There are hot and there is hot flavor. Hot is just burn your taste buds off. Hot flavor means the heat enhances the flavor of the food. Then there are people who can’t eat black pepper or ketchup! If thats you, then stay away from this sauce.

I grew all the peppers in my garden that went into this sauce. I had seven trees that I grew from seeds and they are still producing! I got 10 small jars of pepper sauce. That is a good crop if you ask me.

I am that woman that never leaves home without her hot sauce in her purse! I am not kidding you. I cannot eat my food without a little heat. I grew up eating that every day of my life so its only natural that I will love it as an adult.

There is no Trini home that is without hot peppers or hot sauce. There are hot sauce vendors that makes this at home and sells then on the sides of the road or in the market. This is how I make mine. I use vinegar because it lasts me a year or more. If I am only making a small batch for a month, I use lime juice instead of vinegar. It has a completely different flavor.

Make sure you wear gloves when making this, or you will regret it.

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Click here for Trinidad Hot Pepper Sauce recipe and video.



Hi there again!

I am back! Not that I went anywhere. I was still right here, though I was not in the mood to cook! Yes even foodies like myself get into a slump and don’t feel like cooking of blogging or talking.

I have not posted anything in a full month, holy Hannah!

The inspiration for this recipe came from fellow food blogger RecipeTinEats. Check her out she is amazing! She made this Potato Parmesan Dish, that looked super delicious and I knew I must try some version of it as you know what potatoes and carbs to me. I would be in the gym for a full month just working 1 portion of that off.

I grow Brussel Sprouts in my garden, if you can believe that. It has always been a favorite vegetable of mine.a lot of people don’t know what it is or won’t eat it, simply because they may have had it boiled. Boiled is Blah!

Try it this way, with the Parmesan Crust baked on it. Its crunchy and soft at the same time and the cheese gives it that extra bite to flavor town.

I also made a video showing you just how to do it too! How about those sprouts! If you like this video and would like to see more, head on over to my YouTube Channel and subscribe for when I post a new recipe!

Until we chat over the great wide web next time, stay hungry!

Click here for Parmesan Crusted Brussel Sprouts and Video.