Hello again everyone!

Wow it has definitely been a minute since I last blogged or posted a recipe. It has been a whirlwind of activity around here, not including the virus and all. I had a beautiful baby girl that decided to grace me with her presence 5 weeks early which means we were in and out of the hospital 2 weeks before the pandemic hit. So all in all she had perfect timing.

So I took some time off while I was creating life and moving to a new home since that little life needs so much more space now! I am now settled in more or less and trying to get back into the swing of things.

This recipe came about because I am always on the lookout for fast one pot meals. While I like chicken and potatoes, I also like a good rice dish. This one knocks it out of the park because it has a ton of flavor, it has beans, sausage and rice! What a perfect combo!

I hope you all are staying safe, wearing your mask and washing your hands millions of times a day!

Enjoy this dish and the video!

Click here for Sausage and Rice recipe.

Sausage and Rice Dish

3 thoughts on “New Addition

  1. Urban @urbanskitchen.com

    Made the Rice and Beans last night and it turned out great. Followed the essence of the recipe from the video and just eyeballed it. Just used regular sweet sausage and browned it a bit first. Threw in some Garlic and a small Bayleaf because I like the flavors and had some on hand. Have enough left overs for next 2 days. I like it for a good fairly simple One Pot Meal and flavors. Next time I may use Chorizo. I like making variations for creativity.


  2. Urban @urbanskitchen.com

    I watched the video on Youtube. The comments were turned off. I liked the Tomato Paste addition. I don’t often do it when cooking rice sometimes, and it’s more because depending on what the kind of rice dish is, I just totally forget to add it when I could. So seeing the video just reminded me of that as well buying tubed tomato paste. It’s often for the little things why I appreciate seeing other people cook. I still use Sazon almost every time i cook rice, Caribbean thing we know and good flavor. But its often funny when a friend i’ve had over just ask what’s Sazon, it gets funny.

    There a million ways to cook rice as a canvas and add rich flavor to it. I often add Garlic, Thyme and 1-3 buds of Cloves to my Rice dishes to add flavors. As well it reminds me in my memory that my Auntie used to add those things when she cooked rice dishes when i was a kid in the islands. The Adobe sprinkling part stretched my memory and reminds me of when i used to watch my Uncles and Sisters on the other side of my family cook when i used to spend time visiting my Dad growing up. Food has a funny way of making you remember things. But reinforce that there are many ways to cook everything and variations of everything and every dish.


  3. Urban @urbanskitchen.com

    I saw that you had posted the Curry Puff video on Youtube and that reminded me I hadn’t dropped by my your corner table here in some time. So was like wait a minute before I forget let me drop by your corner of the Interweb and see what you been up to since I was last here. Apparently that was like many months ago in this most crazy year.

    So nice to hear your doing well and with the baby, Your getting back into the swing of things and with making videos again so all good. Only addition to my personal family is that I successfully built myself a new large Desktop PC System which has been much needed. Guess that was my baby project.

    The Rice and Beans look very simple, so will give it a whirl. And even better all the main ingredients are sitting in my refrigerator right now.


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