1 7-8 pound pre-cooked ham.

1/2 cup apricot jelly

1/2 cup pepper jelly

2 cups of chicken broth

a handful of whole cloves


Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

Score the ham, using a sharp knife, making diamonds in the meat. Do not score it too deep so that it goes through the meat. You only want to score the skin. I obviously went a little crazy with the scoring.

Stick the cloves into the crevices of the ham. Place the ham on a huge baking rack with a tray beneath it. Pour the chicken stock in the bottom of the pan. Cover the ham tightly with  tin foil and place in the oven. I baked my ham for 1 hour 30 minutes.

While the ham is baking for the first hour, place the apricot jelly and the peper jelly on the stove top on low heat and let this melt together. Once it has heated through and mixed thoroughly turn off the stove.

After the first hour remove the tin foil and baste the ham with a basting brush every 10 minutes.

After removing from the oven cover the ham and let it sit for 10 inutes before you start carving into it.


























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