I know I am like 2 weeks into the New Year and have only now decided to pull out my camera equipment.

Lets face it though no one will be cooking or eating for the first month of the year right? Everyone is at the gym and eating salads and broccoli. I hope your year is going great thus far. Mine surely has! I have gained 30 pounds in the last few months. Do with that as you will.

Needless to say I won’t be blogging for a wee bit in the coming months. Until I lose the 30 pounds in March that is. Transformation pictures coming soon.

One of my all time favorite food from home is Red Beans. Now our Trini red beans is definitely different from the New Orleans red beans. I believe New Orleans adds sausage to theirs, while we add caramelized sugar to our. This brings out the sweetness and the color of the beans. And no these beans are in no way sweet like candy because of the sugar.

The sugar changes the color so that it is brighter and it add just a touch of sweet but nothing that you will notice outright. We make our lentils the same way. I shall post that recipe soon.

Two ways you can make these beans are, by doing it the long way, soaking the dried beans overnight and boiling it the next day until soft. Or you can just crack open a can of beans and go right to the recipe.

Now my mama swears by the dried beans method because she says its sweeter. However, does anyone plan on what they want to eat at the moment the night before? Certainly not me. But one trick I did learn from her was soaking and boiling the beans, then freezing it. So when you feel like eating red beans and rice, you simply thaw and cook the beans.

You can also do chickpeas this way. Food for thought.

The lighting in this video is not the best. I am sorry about that. Its winter here in MN and the lighting sucks dramatically to make videos or take pictures.

Chat with you guys soon!

Click here for Trini Red Beans recipe.

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Urban @urbanskitchen.com

    I say the video on Youtube so hopped on over. I like this dish. I know i’ve never had this one. Almost seem like a Bean Ragu of sorts also. I like authentic Caribbean but i’m certainly not above improvising adapting a dish either for an extra added flavors. It wouldn’t be exactly Caribbean authentic but (Sausages, Bacon, Pancetta) adds options variety for taste or even adding Pumpkin instead of Carrots.

    Hope your doing well during this Pandemic. It me a bit tough to shed a lot of weight during this Pandemic as well. But hope its working out regardless.


    1. TastesSpicy Post author

      Henry! It’s been a minute. Have not seen you around. I actually have not posted anything myself since January. I just had a baby and I’m still not back in the swing of things yet!


      1. Urban @urbanskitchen.com

        Congratulations on the little bundle of joy. A little bit of added spice to your growing family.

        Yes, i know it’s been a minute. I been cooking, just haven’t written about it. That takes a lot of effort and focus! Nevertheless, I’m very aware when I haven’t visited you here. Always! It’s like visiting a very good friend when I stop by here.


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