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I am sure by now you have recovered from your Turkey coma and is well into your leftovers. If you are like me and is just tired of eating turkey from Thanksgiving, then you are going to love this recipe!

Wait has it snowed where you are already? Ugh winter hit us here in the Midwest like it was nobody’s business! WHAM, just out of nowhere! It sucks driving in it. I am not sure which I prefer less, the slushy, mucky sandy roads or to just have it iced over?

I just love when people who have not seen or driven in snow before say it is so beautiful. Those are the people who have no idea what a nightmare it is to drive in or how brown everything looks 2 days into winter time.

To help you cope with the winter blues, how about a big bowl of slurping Udon Noodles! One of the easiest noodle dishes you will ever make! I kid you not.

Short post today as I am heading out to go shovel some wet, heavy snow.

But do enjoy this amazing recipe.

Click here for Udon Noodles recipe.

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