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Its me again…I know am late to the blogging game this year! But in my defense it has been quite a year so far. I had a baby, Covid-19 hit us smack in the face a week later, then I moved houses and I had to catch up on my actual paying job!

I mean not because I had a baby means work slowed down for me. Although that would have been sweet! Oh and did I mention that my mom arrived here in the US a week before baby A arrived and 7 plus months later she is still here?

Trinidad has not opened their borders for air or sea yet…UGH!!!

In the meanwhile my mama is busy taking care of baby A and cooking! So you know I will be looking like a healthy buffalo by the time Trinidad gets with the program and reopen its borders!

Speaking of healthy buffalo…this is definitely one of those recipes that is NOT healthy for you. But on the bright side we still have 3 months until January where we can make a whole new set of healthy resolutions to break all over again. So why not go ahead and enjoy this little morsel of goodness?

This is a Malaysian recipe that I have adapted from 196 flavors. It is not the exact recipe of course. This was modified to suit my taste. Their is more on the authentic side. This recipe is also a wee bit long to make when it comes to the dough.

In my version I used two different types of dough, a flour dough and a butter or oil dough as it is referred to. I also did mine in a spiral format versus plain.

This is very reminiscent of a samosa. However a samosa is wrapped differently but the filling is the same. A great way do this in a shorter time frame is to use pie crust. Yes it works just as well!

Pie crust comes rolled in a log already, simply cut small pieces, from the log and roll it out using a rolling pin and fill it. This will save you a lot of time and messy dishes to clean up.

If you are a lover of the kitchen and have no little baby A’s around that needs your attention, try the longer version.

In the meanwhile, take a peek at my latest YouTube video on how to actually make this the long way. And if you have not subscribed to my channel yet…then what the heck are you waiting on?

Click here for Curry Puffs recipe.

spiraled dough

One thought on “Curry Puffs

  1. Urban @urbanskitchen.com

    I personally like the idea of a Curry Puff and the recipe. Caribbean Curry is unique in flavor whether its Trini Curry or Jamaican Curry used which is what I only use and has great flavors. I like the recipe also and if only to understand just how you made the filling. The pastry side is just pastry to me and not something i’ve ever been good at since, i barely ever make anything pastry, but i love eating it though. So never much personal practice at pastry making. Still, i always consider myself a student and always studying how someone else cooked or made something it only to form foundations in my mind how to make various things or like the filling you used.

    I like how you adapted the recipe from another culture and put your own twist on it. Really that is the history of cooking, endless adaptations from one culture to the next. I really like the idea of cooking anything and just putting a personal or international twist on it or from learning other international techniques that can be applied to modernize a dish no matter what it is. So like the adaptation. It’s on my to do list, when i can get to it.

    You will have had months and months to pick your moms brains of all the things you can learn from her that’s meaningful as well to enhance your culinary skills. But she gets to spend time with her grand kid. Yeah, its tough having a parent around. She will eventually return home when Trini is open. Saint Kitts is still close and not open to international flights until end of October also. All said i’m quite sure you value the time your Mom has been there.


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