Well here in good old Minnesota…we believe in Time-Change.

So last weekend we moved our clocks back an hour. That means we got a whole extra hour to sleep in the mornings, never mind that we all still probably wake up an hour early and lay in our beds wondering why the heck am I am so early, and why is it already light out?

By the time we get home from work, its dark at 4:30PM. So of course we …okay more like me, think OMG its late I better get to bed, nope then I just lay there hoping for sleep to come.

And just when our bodies are getting adjusted to the new time change, BAM…they hit us with Spring head and we lose that precious hour of sleep. What a vicious cycle our body goes through.

While it is going through all that misery, I made these delicious, warm, comforting Currant Cinnamon Rolls! Talk about a party in my mouth. It feels like a daunting task to whip up a batch of Cinnamon rolls, but honestly it is just like baking bread.

And a great way to make sure you don’t fail at baking anything is to be sure you are not using old yeast. Yeast is a living organism, so it should be fresh and not old. I also like using instant yeast, that way I don’t have to wait 10 minutes for my yeast to grow.

In Trinidad we have a delicious pastry called Currants Roll…it does require a bit of work, so of course when I came across these beautiful currants in the grocery, the wheels in my mind started turning…why don’t I cut some corners and kill two pastries for the price of one!

Hence currants was added to my Cinnamon rolls…and that created a party in my mouth and tummy! For the glaze I went really simple, but please add butter or a dash of lemon juice or even some zest if you want to go fancy. You can even get these ready to the point of where it is in the baking pan and place it in the fridge for overnight. Take it out the next morning let it come to room temp and then you bake it fresh for breakfast.

Send the kids off to school with a nice sugar rush of frosted Cinnamon Rolls in their tummies!

I hope you give these Currant Cinnamon Rolls a try today or maybe tomorrow! And when you do, don’t forget to head on over to my YouTube Channel and click on that subscribe and like button. As I usually post the recipe there first. And I know you want to be the first to get the recipe right?

Click here for Currant Cinnamon Rolls recipe.


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