I can be reached at nita@tastesspicy.com

If you have a question about a recipe or would like to see something in particular on my website please feel free to email me.

I enjoy receiving comments and feedback. I like reading what folks think about a particular recipe or how they can take one of mine and make it theirs.

I truly believe you can take any recipe and add a bit of this, a bit of that and walla that recipe no long belongs to the original owner…that is now yours. It now has your own twist. This is how recipes evolve!

Now their some foodies out there that are negative to de bone! And will never allow you to use their recipe and even if you change it they will still say it is theirs and they want credit for it. Those are the ones you avoid.


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5 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Henry

    Does the blog have a RSS Feed? If not can you add please add one. Makes it easy to know when you have posted a post update if haven’t been to site.



  2. Henry

    Came across an idea earlier today that can help promote your blog. Been an avid Flipboard App (Smartphones, iPad’s) user i tend to read and skim allot of interesting topics of interest on Flipboard App on my phone. So some the blogs i read i try to pull them onto my Flipboard to read and look at and other people who also use Flipboard get to read them as well in a Magazine style if your familiar with Flipboard.

    So it occurred to me earlier today…. hey wonder if i can find Tastesspicy to pull the blog feed onto my Flipboard. I couldn’t find it. As your blog don’t have a current RSS feed. You should add a RSS feed to your blog, that would help getting automatic published feed to anyone who subscribe to your blog feed on Flipboard as soon as its published.

    But the idea for you that occurred to me earlier is that if you don’t use Flipboard you should look into using it on your smartphone or if you have an iPad. And since you have a blog here and its your content, you should start a Flipboard Magazine with your own RSS feed to pull from and Call it maybe Tastesspicy or something. You can pull from your RSS feed and auto publish your blog posts in Magazine style on Flipboard and anyone can subscribe to your magazine as well and read it in their own time if they don’t visit your blog. But many other people can read it as well since the posted topic will show up under various topics that other people are subscribed to based on the food content of your blog post e.g. Chicken, Meat etc.

    Anyway i though of the idea earlier if it can help your blog read a wider audience and just passing on the idea. Im able to store some your post in my own magazine on Flipboard for easy access to read and flip thru among others without having to reload the blog pages. I just can’t get the RSS feed since your blog don’t have one yet. So you should look into adding RSS to your blog and start a Flipboard Magazine and publish all your content to it. You will get more readers I’m sure.


  3. Henry

    Hey enjoying your blog to the bone…. literally! I think i’ll really have to start at the beginning and read the entire thing from start to getting up to date. Because so many great stuff here that i’d like to not miss. After all my camping chair is down.

    However I have a bit of a pet peeve with an ingredient. I’ve looked at many many Caribbean recipes on various blogs, sites, youtube vids and more all Caribbean in origin and spin. I’ve seen stews and braised meat made many times over. But i’m still learning. When i was a kid as those are where most my food memories come from growing up in St.Kitts i used to remember my Auntie and my Grandma cooking with “Cloves” and it addition to the dish gave it a real distant taste. I know i never used to like biting into the clove left over from cooking if it ended up on my plate, yet I can clearly remember as the sun shines every day that clove made a distant flavor addition to the dish that if it wasn’t there I could almost tell or miss.

    And i’m left wondering after looking at many sites and recipes…..why don’t more Caribbean dishes have Clove in it it? Inquiring mind here wants to know why not and why more people don’t simply use the “Clove”?


    1. TastesSpicy Post author

      Hi Henry! I am happy that you are enjoying my blog! It really is a hobby and a passion of mine.
      I love to cook and entertain. I love cooking with different spices. Clove is one of my favorite spices to cook with as well. Coves do tend to be a little over powering for the gentler pallets however.
      If not used in moderation it can become over bearing in a meal, hence the rare use of it.
      I have not been to St Kitts as yet, but it is on my list of Islands to visit in the near future. My next venture is St Lucia and Barbados.


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