Holy Hannah it is Friday! I thought this day would never come! Yes for me it is No Cook Friday! I am not cooking today. Of course I am known to change my mind like a billion times before dinner time arrives. I did however cook this week! I have been trying and testing out a recipe for oil roti. It is traditionally called Buss-up-shot or paratha roti in the Caribbean. This is the third try and it actually did… Read more »

I have been in America exactly 15 years and not once have I regretted my decision to move. I have been truly blessed to have had that once in a lifetime chance to make my Dream come through. People like to say you are living the American dream, I don’t…its actually my dream being lived out in America. Even though I love this life of mine, I do miss my home and my mothers cooking and Doubles and KFC! Yes… Read more »

Eggplant, Melongene, Bygan, whatever you call it its one good, yummy, healthy vegetable that can be made into a lot of good dishes and cooked a plethora of different ways. Eggplants are one of my favorite vegetables to cook with. I can curry it, fry it, steam it, bake it or like todays dish, roast it! Roasting Eggplants brings out the creamy, smokiness of it. In Trinidad we call an Eggplant bygan. This is just the West Indian way of… Read more »

With Summer slowly meandering into MN at its own pace, folks are breaking out their BBQ grills and throwing meats, vegetables and more importantly CORN on their grill! Everyone loves corn, whether it is roasted, boiled, baked in coconut milk, in a casserole or straight from a can! My family has to have roast corn at every event we have. Traditionally in Trinidad, my grandmother used to just throw it in the fireside. A fireside is just an outside cooking… Read more »