I know, I know…you have all missed me! November has been busy thus far. Work, life, fall, leaves, relationships…nothing stops to wait for you to catch up to it. Everything and everyone keeps moving forward. I am sure we all have that one go to recipe that we pull out when the special folks are coming over or when you have a romantic date night planned. Okay really who else only cleans when you know you have guests coming over?… Read more »

If you have ever been to Trinidad or Tobago, then you will know that Bake and Shark is said to be one of the world’s best fish sandwiches. It was even featured on Andrew Zimmerman. What makes this simple sandwich so popular? First off its the small sharks that is freshly caught, the skin removed and fileted. There are no bones in this shark. When the shark is seasoned perfectly and deep fried…it is so delicious! There is no fishy… Read more »

I an definitely a meat and potatoes type of gal, with a little bit of rice thrown in there! If I go too long without rice I swear I go through withdrawals! But on most weeknights, I eat Meat, with a salad and a potato side dish. Mainly because it is the easiest to whip up. I love steak any which way you give it to me! Potatoes I tend to mix it up. Hence this Grilled Fingerling Potato Salad… Read more »

A Happy Mothers Day to all you mamas out there. Being a mom to a child is a tireless job. There is no other person in this world that will kiss your boo boo, rub your back when you cannot sleep, cook you anything you want, listen and keep all your secrets, stay awake at night when you are sick to check your temperature every hour, laugh at your jokes even though it’s not funny, push you to be your… Read more »

Have you ever had one of those cable services call you and try to change your services? In other words they want to upgrade you to something better, but in reality they are not. I have had one of those earlier this week. All I wanted was to have the HD service removed from my account. That’s it! Since the majority of the channel line up today already are in HD, I figured I don’t really need an HD box…. Read more »