Did you survive Valentines Day? Better question what the heck was Beyoncé’s performance about at the Grammy’s? I mean seriously, is she the first woman to pop out twins? Now Adele, that is a singer right there! Totally deserved all 5 of her awards. Today we are talking about leftovers! Yep and its not even Thanksgiving. How about them apples! So remember when I made those delicious Brioche buns a week ago. Well since I have been trying to lay… Read more »

It seems lately every time I go back home it is for a prays or Hindu puja in which a Hindu priest comes to the house and performs a ceremony and you have to cook a lot of vegetarian food and feed people. In the day prior to the prays there is a lot of work that has to be done. Like change curtains, and you gotta paint the whole house, you have to wipe the walls and clean the… Read more »

I am super excited to share with you all my feature article on Cooking Sense Magazine, a Caribbean Food Magazine. The magazine has only been out within the last few months and it features Caribbean Chefs and food. Take a minute to read and enjoy! The first two recipes and pictures you see are mine. Halibut with thai red sauce and Chocolate Rum Bread Pudding! All of which you can also find here on my blog for the recipes. Cooking… Read more »

As promised I said I would divulge how my trip to New Orleans went. In short it was Fantastic! The food, the people, the Jazz, the arts, the Food! Did I mention the Food? Here are a few tips on what you do when you visit New Orleans. First off, stay in a central location so that you can walk to everywhere. I stayed at the Hilton Hotel on the Riverwalk. It is attached to the shopping malls which was good and… Read more »

Summer is definitely here in MN. It was the perfect day today! In fact this weekend was just perfect. As with every start to Summer, I swear everyone goes to Home Depot the same time. Everyone is buy new sod, new fertilizer, new wood chips and of course all their plants! All this for 3 months if summer! Kind of like when we would paint the whole house & buy new curtains for Christmas in Trinidad or any island for… Read more »