Hi there! Welcome back. Last weekend I had the most excited pleasure of baby sitting my little cousin. He is 18 months old and to me that is the perfect age! I wish I can keep him at that age forever because they do eventually grow up into moody teenagers staring at their phones 23 hours a day. He is at that age where he is now learning to say words and he is still waddling around on unsteady legs…. Read more »

Today we are cooking up a batch of my all time favorite food! Yup its hot sauce, but not just any hot sauce, this is a Trinidad Hot Pepper Sauce. This is a sauce that will not only spice things up, but put flavor on your plate. There are hot and there is hot flavor. Hot is just burn your taste buds off. Hot flavor means the heat enhances the flavor of the food. Then there are people who can’t… Read more »

Happy belated Pride Week! It was pride weekend here in the twin cities, and to help along the festivities, we had 60 degree weather. Yes it was cold! No rain or snow though so we will take that any day. The parade was good. It was not great…as I felt like there was less floats and costumes, it mainly had companies advertising. Which was just boring after a while. After the parade I headed uptown to the Food Truck fair…. Read more »

Did you survive Valentines Day? Better question what the heck was Beyoncé’s performance about at the Grammy’s? I mean seriously, is she the first woman to pop out twins? Now Adele, that is a singer right there! Totally deserved all 5 of her awards. Today we are talking about leftovers! Yep and its not even Thanksgiving. How about them apples! So remember when I made those delicious Brioche buns a week ago. Well since I have been trying to lay… Read more »

It seems lately every time I go back home it is for a prays or Hindu puja in which a Hindu priest comes to the house and performs a ceremony and you have to cook a lot of vegetarian food and feed people. In the day prior to the prays there is a lot of work that has to be done. Like change curtains, and you gotta paint the whole house, you have to wipe the walls and clean the… Read more »