Oh yeah…I know I have been missing for the last two weeks. While I did miss cooking and eating normal food I will admit, after returning from my Key West adventures it was a little hard to get motivated in the kitchen again. Key West surely was an adventure let me tell you! Apart from how hot and muggy it was, I had a fantastic time with one of my favorite people, who made it all the more worth while…. Read more »

There are two types of corn meal that I know of. There is the white and the yellow. The white corn meal is super fine, while the yellow is more gritty. I don’t like the yellow personally. For making this Fish you should try to use the white corn meal because it is more fine and when you bite into the fish it won’t be gritty. If you can’t get your hands on white, place the yellow In the food… Read more »

With us being smack in the middle of Lent, what better post or recipe than fish! I know, all those fast food chain restaurants have amazing, unhealthy fish sandwiches that just makes you want to keep eating. So why go to those unhealthy places that packs on the carbs and the grease when can make your own right at home! Growing up on an Island allows you access to unlimited fresh fish every day! If you have the opportunity to… Read more »

I hate eating clean…I really do. No one hates eating vegetables more than I do, even though I am a work out freak. Well I work out so I don’t have to eat clean. I guess every now and again it is okay to eat a wee bit of vegetables, you know for digestion and all that good stuff. Then why the heck do I have this healthy as can be Shrimp Stir Fry today? Well after eating everything in sight… Read more »

When we were younger and one of us would get sick, my mom would always make homemade fries or chips. In Trinidad we call fries, Chips, as we were ruled by the English. Whenever I make homemade Chips, this is one memory that I always remember as sometimes we used to pretend to be sick just so she can make it. Don’t tell her I said that though! LOL My Monster is now also a lover of these homemade Chips!… Read more »