Last weekend I took a trip out of town with the family to the North Shore. It was cold! I don’t know how people live there year round if in the Summer its cold, imagine what their winter is like. Granted it was in the 60’s and Sunny, but still that is just too cold for summer. How on earth do you get a natural tan? It is a beautiful little town though. We got to hit about 5 breweries…. Read more »

Salmon drenched in a Lemon Butter Sauce! Thats whats on the menu this week. Well it was on the menu I should say, since I have eaten it twice already. I am not a salmon person. I simply do not like the taste or the smell of salmon fish. I do however love fish, just not salmon. Then why the heck am I making it for my blog? Well while I don’t like it, I do have a teenager in… Read more »

Hi there! It’s me Tastesspicy, now that I have written that it sounds like I just said, Hi its me and I Taste Spicy! Hopefully this new post will reach my hundreds of subscribers. As I just realized today that my subscribers were not receiving any of my new posts notifications. So here is to all of you that will be my new test subjects today! I promise not to be too annoying by randomly posting all day long and… Read more »

I know most of you probably had a visit to the doctor where you literally had to diagnose yourself right? You know when you fill out the online appointment application, there is a section that asks what are you coming in for? So you have to say hey I have a swollen lip or a swollen tonsil or whatever… Hello…that’s why I am coming to the doctor…so that he can tell me what’s wrong. Oh and I love the part where… Read more »

Oh yeah…I know I have been missing for the last two weeks. While I did miss cooking and eating normal food I will admit, after returning from my Key West adventures it was a little hard to get motivated in the kitchen again. Key West surely was an adventure let me tell you! Apart from how hot and muggy it was, I had a fantastic time with one of my favorite people, who made it all the more worth while…. Read more »