I clearly remember having an Avocado tree in our front yard growing up. An Avocado is actually called a Zaboca in Trinidad. There are different types of course because I do not remember our avocados being as small as they are here in the local grocery stores. I remember the avocados at home was as huge as my head! I kid you not. It was creamy on the inside and sweet. If you were to buy one that is bug… Read more »

Update on how my 12 week boot camp challenge is coming along…every single part of my body hurts! My back and my knees cry daily. Me knees see the stairs coming and starts screaming, I kid you not! There is 5 weeks left of the challenge. I am not sure how much longer my body will allow me to go. It definitely reminds me that I am not 27 anymore! There are some really ‘young’ no tummy fat on their… Read more »

Every year I go through the same thing. I go to the a HUGE plant sale every Mother’s Day weekend at the MN State Fair Ground. It is hosted by Friends School as a find raiser. It huge and you have to get there early to get it. I plan what I ma going to buy and how many of it, yet I get there and all my plans go right out the window. I always promise myself I will… Read more »

It is Summer time! Hot sun, sun burnt skin, sweating all over! Need a refreshing bite to cool you down? Well this Melon Salad is da bomb! Yup I said Da Bomb! Whenever I say that in from of Miss Monster, she says to me “Oh Nini you need to stop” LOL then I say it again just to annoy her even more! Why would I want to annoy her you ask? Cause I can, I am evil like that!… Read more »

With Summer slowly meandering into MN at its own pace, folks are breaking out their BBQ grills and throwing meats, vegetables and more importantly CORN on their grill! Everyone loves corn, whether it is roasted, boiled, baked in coconut milk, in a casserole or straight from a can! My family has to have roast corn at every event we have. Traditionally in Trinidad, my grandmother used to just throw it in the fireside. A fireside is just an outside cooking… Read more »